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Non Aggressive Freshwater Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Non Aggressive Freshwater Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Just because a fish looks beautiful, it can't be made good.
You have to be very careful about the species you add to an aquarium because not all of them can coexist.
However, there are some non-offensive freshwater fish that will allow them to live in peace with each other while bringing new life and color to your aquarium.
While deciding which freshwater fish to keep, it can get really tricky while making sure the aquarium looks colorful and peaceful.
The latter is more important because aggressive fish can turn the seemingly peaceful aquarium into a war zone at any time.
Aggressive fish often fight weaker fish, eventually killing the most populous fish in the tank.
That's why, before you simply mix the two fish together and expect them to coexist, it's better to do your research in advance!
You can prepare a variety of beautiful, tranquil and non-offensive freshwater fish for your aquarium.
These are triangular fish, usually silver, with black stripes.
However, angelfish is also available in gold, yellow, silver and brown.
These fish recognize their owners and are known for their intelligence.
Fees range from $10. 00 -$80.
00, depending on the rarity of the species.
The white disease is more expensive.
When you are alone, the hook is semi-aggressive in nature and must always be kept at 6-
Fish of the same kind.
The fish are small in all kinds of colors and look beautiful.
Denison barb is by far the most expensive, at a price of up to $35.
00 per fish.
The rest of the sub-species cost between $2. 00 -$7. 00 only.
This is a very beautiful freshwater aquarium fish that looks like catfish.
These fish live in 5-
It goes well with other kinds of fish.
Corydoras are always hungry and find it all day at the bottom of the aquarium.
These prices are between $4. 00 -$10. 00 per fish.
These are the peacemakers of the aquarium. they always play between the two fighting females or males.
Although the fighting fish is very beautiful, they are also fighting fish, which is not good for social groups.
They usually cost $2. 00 -$7. 00 per fish.
Shortly after fighting the fish, the next line is Guppies, which is very beautiful, very small and very friendly.
There is no limit to the shape and color of this fish, so you can choose any one that attracts you the most.
These are very affordable and will never exceed $5. 00 per fish.
Always put them in a bunch of 6-8.
These fish may look small, but they are full of energy and live a long time!
Who can guess so many varieties of goldfish so simple.
There's so much to choose from!
As we all know, goldfish is not always Golden. it is always lazy, curious and calm.
Goldfish are not expensive at all and can be bought within $5. 00 margin each.
Koi is a large ornamental fish.
The life of these fish is very long and can live more than 100.
That is why they are considered spiritual beings and prayed.
These beautiful fish are very gentle, quiet and comfortable in the surroundings.
When the fish is of pure blood, it is expensive, in which case the price of pure koi may exceed $15. 000 -$60. 000.
However, sold at Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart is not pure, so the price is between $3. 00 -$5. 00 each koi.
While mollies are really cute, they are aggressive and will bite the fish's fins with longer, more refined fins.
Therefore, they must not be included in the social aquarium and must be kept in separate fish tanks.
Make sure your fish get good nutrition or they will die from hunger and disease.
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