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Nine Chicago Restaurants to Try: From a Monster Burger to Refined Midwest Fare - mexican restaurant serving dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-28
Nine Chicago Restaurants to Try: From a Monster Burger to Refined Midwest Fare  -  mexican restaurant serving dishes
Chicago is a big city for dining out, despite its lack of New York's culinary ambitions and international reputation.
There are many cuisines, good cooking, affordable prices, and friendly service.
In addition, it is a manageable scale with good public transport.
During a flight visit last week, in order to interview Alinea's chef, Grant Achatz, I visited a number of hot food and beverage venues.
Here are some suggestions: New York restaurant owner Danny Meyer, quality restaurants such as Gramercy TavernandUnion Square Cafe have just opened on the 18 th
Overlooking the outdoor restaurant in downtown Chicago.
Celebrate the Green River in Ireland --
American culture is a collaboration between the best bars in the world and the Meyer Union Square event.
The restaurant was packed with people, and it was very lively at night, as well as excellent cocktails.
It's nice to sit at a high table next to the bar, which serves drinks such as Tommy guns ($13)
Pesco, Chile, Cabo, pineapple, lime, Garland masala and aromatic bitter wine.
Midwest menu (
Snacks and platters are included, including the delicious smoked white fish tartin ($11)
Put egg slices, radishes and celery on rye.
If the taste is cleaner, you can wash it inside.
Of course, the food can be eaten: chicken oysters (
Fried bread crumbs)
The fritters of cheddar cheese are trendy.
Spicy beef Taipi costs $14.
Lunch is a simple thing.
Fortunately, there is white fish tartin on the menu.
Steak platter ($21)
Also the winner.
Major teres from Slagel family farm had tender and rich wounds.
Only vanilla butter and pepper corn sauce are served here.
I like the Green River very much. I went there twice. (
Thus reducing the top 10 to the top 9. )259 E.
16/F Chicago, IL 60611; tel +1-312-337-
0101 this restaurant/bar is very popular.
I waited in line for about 40 minutes behind the beer tap and thought I was lucky enough to get in.
The burger is considered perfect while the double cheese burger ($12. 95)
According to the Food Network, this is the best in the United States.
It actually has three pies, it's too dirty and should wash the mouth clean.
You have to open it very wide in order for it to come in.
But worth tasting more than hamburgers. Chef-
Soateurbrendan Sodikoff works with Alan Dukas and Thomas Keller.
He is serious about the food.
Dishes such as grilled bone marrow, beef cheek jam and toast are on the menu ($17. 95).
If I had a burger, I would have ordered that one. 800 W.
Chicago, L 60607; tel. +1-312-929-
4580 this is a leisure restaurant on the West Ring Road focusing on Asian barbecue.
Chef Bill King is an alumnus of Charlie Trott and basketball star Michael Jordan is here to support him.
The restaurant has an industrial look, warm service, hot food and smooth edges.
In the dishes such as roast pork butt, the taste is great (
Asian giardiniera Curry barbecue)
$14 mac n' cheese with belly ($8).
I honestly don't like the latter, it has thick noodles, Thai curry and cheddar cheese.
Find comfort in cocktails such as Assassin 13 (
Lysbee gin, coconut, protein, Korean chili flakes)
Kill Bill roll. 1 (
Sudachi boiled wine, balsamic vinegar, meiskar)at $11 apiece. 1400 W.
Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607; tel. +1-312-563-
1010 this modern Mexican restaurant in Anderson Ville uses local ingredients
Including some of the rooftop gardens-
Create dishes that are colorful and relatively light.
Chef Diana davelastad cooks in the area of Oaxaca with a focus on quality and flavor.
I went for brunch and had to admit that I was most excited about the green Bloody Mary ($7)
This is one of my favorite cocktails in Chicago.
It's sour and spicy without a hangover.
Divorced people ($8)-
2 eggs with black bean sour cream with salsa sauce
The depth and heat are equal.
There is a layer of taste.
Cantina 1910 is a big place but quiet on Sunday morning. 5025 N.
Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640; tel. +1-773-506-
1910 this Logan Squarecafe is particularly popular during the morning lunch, with locals and tourists lining up to buy unstable food already available nationwide
Even International-
The attention of the past 16 years. (
Among other honors, Lula has Michelin cuisine. )
I went directly to buy Tineka ($9): Indonesian-
Five fragrant peanut butter on seed whole grain sour dough, tomato, cucumber, red onion and bean sprouts.
The quality of the ingredients is unforgettable, and the balance of taste is unforgettable.
The pastries in the store include Danish apple and almond pear coffee cake.
The crowd is generally very young.
The food here is delicious and the service is good. 2537 N.
Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647; tel. +1-773-489-
9554 this bar and restaurant on the top floor of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel offers an outdoor terrace with views of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan.
Although I do have time to drink a few glasses of wine, it is worth watching the scenery alone.
I had two brunch before I got here, so can't tell you too much about the food.
However, the two women next to me in the bar seem to be enjoying a shellfish platter ($72)
Lobster, oysters, king crab, white balsamic minitot and Bloody Mary cocktail sauce pile up together. (
I like this hotel very much. )
Chicago Sports Association, 12
IL 60603, Michigan Avenue, Chicago; tel. +1-312-792-3502. This award-
When I entered on Saturday night, the winning restaurants and bars on the West Loop were packed with people, noisy and dark.
The staff looked very busy, but despite standing at the counter, they took the time to sort out the place to eat for me.
There is a large open kitchen with bold dishes such as Sichuan goat satay, and the menu is eclectic (
Goat and smoked. apple puree)
And dumplings. Chicago-
BornStephanie Izard is the chef behind this brave food.
I recommend you if you want to know what umami is
Stir-fried pepper with Parmesan cheese, sesame and flavored o. 809 W.
Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607; tel. +1-312-492-
I really don't know Chicago-pan pizza.
Or, rather, I don't.
I can almost be converted by Pequod's, whose pizza has a thin and crisp edge that not only provides texture but also provides a sharp tacky flavor.
As for the topping, the tomatoes I ordered were big and sweet, the peppers were hot and thick, and the bacon was fat and salty.
You 've got used to toppings and cut pieces and then bake them into a colored mosaic and it's nice to have them big enough to bite in.
The restaurant itself is like a sports bar with brick walls and large
There is a flat screen TV and a lot of beer.
My bill is $26 including drinks and taxes. 37. 2707 N.
Clerborn Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 773-327-
1512 this dark and noisy gourmet bar offers a wide range of beers and bottled beers.
The main attraction for me is food, which is Indian.
After trying this method in New York, I didn't set my expectations too high and I was pleasantly surprised.
Chicago has an Indian community and many restaurants centered on Devon Avenue.
Here, bread and butter ($12)
Serve as a spicy gravy with Salt Pepper, with a whole
The wheat pancakes are around.
The menu is limited, but the taste of beer is included in the food. 2049 W.
Chicago Branch Street, IL 60622; tel. +1-773-661-
6874 Richard Vines is the chief food critic at Bloomberg.
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