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Nigerian Weddings: How to Prepare and Host a Nigerian Wedding - how to break overhead expenses for each dish in restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-26
Nigerian Weddings: How to Prepare and Host a Nigerian Wedding  -  how to break overhead expenses for each dish in restaurant
Weddings in Nigeria are not just a combination of couples, but an important gathering of solemn vows, fun and celebrations.
Weddings are so important to the social structure of society that guests and happiness
The wish calendar marks the date of the Union.
Hard work for invited guests and family-
Earn Cash on gifts, beautiful costumes, jewelry and shoes, so it looks best on special occasions.
Therefore, the bride and groom families need to sort out many aspects of the wedding before the due date.
Because everything should work exactly and seamlessly.
On this special day, both the bride and groom family are taking part in the event, so others will organize guests to arrange seats, entertainment and food.
It is important and critical to make a list when organizing a Nigerian wedding.
The list below can help you reduce stress and workload while organizing your wedding.
The number of guests you invite to the wedding is the first and most important step in making the list.
The number of guests pre-determines everything from the quantity of food, seating arrangements, size and location of the lobby.
The more guests you invite, the higher the overhead, and the more planning involved.
If you send an invitation to 100 guests then you should be ready for 250.
It's normal that a guest is more likely to arrive with a friend, wife or child.
Modern weddings, however, have become less open and have strict regulations on attendance, restrictions and security.
The guard stood at the entrance and allowed only those with invitations to enter the venue.
We recommend restraint when using strict invitation techniques so as not to offend important acquaintances.
The advantage of restricting access to the venue is that you can successfully estimate the number of guests at the ceremony.
Knowing the number of guests you expect can find the right venue relatively easily.
The seating capacity of the venue should be able to accommodate almost twice the expected number of people.
Activity centers in Nigeria abound, with only basic facilities such as chairs, separate units, fans, air conditioners, toilets and power generation equipment.
Organizers offer all other aspects of the wedding, such as d. ©Dining, seating, drinks and food suppliers.
Depending on the location, size, facilities and parking space of the hotel.
The more prestigious the location, the more expensive the Event Center will be.
The cost of some activity centers is between thousands of NAI and millions of naira.
For example, the cost of an activity center in Lekki may be between N500, 000 and naira.
In addition to the number of guests and venue, food can be made or destroyed at the wedding.
After the wedding, there was a lot of drinks and hearty meals at the beginning of the party.
If the party is to be successful, it is very important to find a good catering supplier.
Catering suppliers provide services through satisfactory customer, suggestion or personal contact.
At the wedding you attended, it was a great way to know a good caterer.
They usually put the phone card on the table for this occasion.
If in doubt, the catering staff will prepare some small dishes that they will provide for the guests.
The dishes offered on this occasion are usually a mix of European and local flavors.
Jolof Rice (red rice) and fried rice with moi-
Beef or chicken remains the same at such a wedding.
Other dishes include vegetable soup, Amara and agussi soup, and Semolina.
Before the meal, guests are served with small ribs such as buns, pies and Swiss rolls.
In addition to the small ribs, they can also provide a small amount of fried meat, fried chicken, sand and even peanuts.
After small ribs, hearty meals and drinks, you can introduce exotic fruit drinks such as ice cream, Chapman, and even grilled fish (please don't forget to actually invite you ).
Sometimes, the small ribs supplier is different from the one who makes the meal and they can advise you on the type of ribs. 3 Moi-
It is your privilege to determine whether alcoholic beverages are served with non-alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic drinks.
Juice, wine, bottled water, soft drinks and beer are common drinks at weddings.
You can arrange with the beverage supplier and determine the quantity of juice per table.
Despite the preference, bottled water and soft drinks should be considered for every guest.
The beverage supplier provides drinks to guests and is responsible for collecting bottles after the event.
The choice of entertainment depends on your budget and interest.
Music can be broadcast live by hiring live bands or playing through a DJ. Some well-
Healing weddings even use live bands and DJs, which is not necessary.
Other recreational activities include cultural dance, music performance, and a master of ceremonies.
Your budget is very important when planning a wedding because you have a lot of expenses to consider, such as wedding dresses, jewelry and changing clothes.
So spend less and spend a good day.
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