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Neon Tetra Disease - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Neon Tetra Disease  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
A common parasite disease, usually associated with members of the neon family, and the neon Tera disease is not limited to them only. ) Species.
It is also not limited to the Tedra family, although it is more common among members of this family.
Species such as mushroom, angelfish, rasboras, goldfish, and hooks.
, Is also vulnerable.
The disease is a serious threat because it spreads rapidly and cannot be cured and can be fatal to fish.
A parasitic spore.
To form protozoans that breed through spores.
Infected or contaminated neon four foods, such as dead fish bodies or live foods such as tubuifex, are intermediate hosts of these parasites that enter the fish in the form of spores.
When they reach the intestines of the fish, the freshly hatched embryos pass through the intestinal wall and form a cyst within the muscle tissue.
As a result, the muscles of the bag begin to die, the tissue that is necrosis or defaced becomes pale, and the final color becomes white.
Once the cyst reaches the aquarium water, it opens and releases the spores, and as a result another fish in the water is infected.
In addition to this, if the host fish is infected with the kidneys, spores can also be discharged from the tank through their waste.
In either case, the disease spreads rapidly, causing several fish to die.
The first symptom you may see on infected fish is that it will no longer go to school with other fish and will be very upset, especially at night.
With the development of the disease, its swimming will become very unstable, and the affected muscle tissue will become dim and white.
In the end, pale colors expand and become more visible in areas along the spine.
Due to muscle damage, you will notice the curvature or deformation of the spine, which will make it difficult for the fish to swim.
Fin rot, rough appearance and swelling are other symptoms of fish with this disease.
As mentioned earlier, the disease cannot be cured.
So once affected, it will kill the fish slowly.
Some species, such as the fairy fish, may survive for some time, but death is inevitable.
While the disease cannot be treated, it can be prevented from spreading by taking certain precautions, such as isolating or isolating new fish for two weeks and maintaining high water quality, instead of buying fish from a fish tank with sick or dead fish.
These precautions can reduce the risk of neon four diseases to a large extent.
If you notice any symptoms of the disease on the fish, you should isolate it.
This will prevent the spread of infection and harm other fish in the fish tank.
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