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Neon Tetra Care - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Neon Tetra Care  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Are you looking for care about neon fish?
You came to the right place.
Neon Tetris found in streams in western Brazil, eastern Peru and southeastern Colombia are an excellent community fish that prefer to live in six or more large groups.
They are a place of peace and are aggressive in very rare cases.
Neon Tetris live for 5 to 6 years in the wild, but they can live for about 10 years if properly taken care.
Neon Tetris can grow to 1.
With a length of 2 inch (3 cm), it is ideal for small aquariums.
The typical features of these fish are semi-red.
Half Blue look
They look like they glow in an aquarium and are therefore named "neon" tetra.
Due to their tranquil nature, these fish can be a great addition to your aquarium along with other types of fish.
Although they like soft acid water, they can also adapt and tolerate hard neutral water.
Ideally, their captive habitat should include open swimming spaces, living plants, soft light and water flow on the water, where fish prefer to swim.
Since they like to live together, make sure you have at least six people together.
In terms of diet, these fish are not demanding and eat any fish food provided to them.
However, the diet of salted shrimp, live worms and frozen shrimp is varied.
Dry food and flakes are necessary for their health.
If you look at their body size, it's easy to distinguish between four males and females in neon.
Men are slim compared to short fat and plump womenbodied.
While farming, it is recommended that you provide them with a separate fish tank with water plants, dim light and soft acid water.
If the room is too bright, you can put a piece of cardboard on both sides to dim the light.
Make sure they are healthy when selecting mating pairs, at least one year old.
Usually, the mother fish will spawn in the early morning.
The sticky eggs are then dispersed on the surface of the substrate or plant.
As the name suggests, the neon four disease is an incurable infection that affects the neon four species. .
Its main symptoms are fidgety and dim color.
If you feed your pet infected live food, or introduce infected fish into their fish tank, they will be infected.
When the infection begins to spread, it causes the formation of the cyst, thus forming a lump on the body of the fish.
Neon Tetris is difficult to swim whenever bumps form.
Since there is no effective treatment for this disease, it is necessary to prevent your fish from being infected.
Preventive measures such as developing live food and not feeding live food should be implemented to keep your pet healthy.
Neon Tetris can breed in large quantities in the wild, but when in captivity they are difficult to spawn because it is difficult to achieve natural water conditions.
If the conditions are ideal, neon Tetris can be bred every two weeks.
When the female tetra is ready to spawn, her body will appear bulging because of the filling of eggs.
If you are planning to breed neon Tetris, ideally they should be placed in a separate aquarium.
Disinfect the items in the aquarium to avoid increasing the chances of fry or eggs getting sick.
The bottom should provide some aquatic plants and rocks of about two to 3 inch so that it looks similar to their natural habitat.
The temperature around them should not exceed 24 °c.
Unhealthy or old fish should not be raised;
In order to obtain the highest level of Fry, only healthy adult fish should be retained for breeding.
To feed them a lot of live food, just like the larvae of mosquitoes, in order to induce spawning.
While no one questions the fact that neon Tetris is are easy to care for, it is your responsibility to provide the ideal environment to help them live as long as possible.
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