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Neon Tetra Breeding - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Neon Tetra Breeding  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Neon four is a gorgeous fish, adding color and life to the aquarium.
These fish are cheap and easy to buy in pet shops.
Neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) is one of the favorite and most attractive tropical fish, a strong and cheap fish from the Peruvian Amazon.
These neon Tetris are widely used for their colorful fluorescent blue striped bodies, adding gorgeous colors to the fish tank.
Small community aquariums breed these fish for its vibrant red and blue colors and positive school education attributes.
They are called neon Tetris because they glow when they are petrochemical or anxious.
As far as their temperament is concerned, these fish are very gentle, and the fish gel with other aquariums is very good.
However, that doesn't mean you put them in a fish tank with the bigger fish, lest you want to say goodbye to them soon!
Neon four can easily breed in a tank at home.
Although breeding Tetris is not a game for children, with proper care and maintenance, you can successfully breed these beautiful water beauties near your home.
In fact, the current black neon four breed in captivity.
While buying neon Tetris, make sure they are healthy.
They should be free of disease, so pay attention to white spots or any other signs of unhealthy.
Neon Tetris is easy to buy and cheap, so the only extra effort you need to make is health.
The healthy male is slim with a blue straight line on it, and the female is more rounded in shape with a curved blue.
Because these fish show their best color on the shoals of 6 or more fish, buy more than 6 neon Tetris. A medium-
Neon four fish farming requires five to ten gallons of water tanks.
This fish tank should have dark gravel bases decorated by various plants in order to provide ample hidden space for the fish.
This will help the fish feel safe in the fish tank.
Although neons breed in regular fish tanks, their eggs are at risk of being eaten by other fish in the tank.
Therefore, for breeding purposes, one should get another small breeding pool with proper conditions where only mating fish pairs are added.
The pH value between 5 and 6 is most conducive to successful reproduction.
Keeping the tank temperature at 75 degrees Fahrenheit is the most favorable breeding temperature in the tank.
The water that will be introduced (the best rain) will boil for 20 minutes, which will help to disinfect.
After the fish reaches the age of about 9 months, it can be used for breeding.
Take a man and a woman and put them in the breeding tank.
Neons usually spawn in the morning, during which they chase each other through plants.
Tanks should be placed in a dark environment.
As spawning progresses, light is gradually increased.
About 60 years old for women
There are 130 eggs on the bottom and plants.
The reduction of females is a sign of the completion of spawning.
Once the females spawn, people need to take their parents out or they will eat their own eggs.
However, eggs are not sticky because they are a little lighter
Sensitive, it is important not to expose them to direct sunlight.
Cover the tank with cloth if needed.
After about a day, the fries hatch out of the eggs and will find it swinging at the bottom of the tank.
Start their feeding procedure as soon as you see them swimming freely, including adding 1/2 cups of infusoria-
Rich water twice a day.
Do not introduce snails or other creatures into the breeding pool.
This is because snails are rotten animals and swallow all the eggs.
Always transfer mating pairs to breeding tanks at night in order to spawn the next morning.
Keep the water in the tank and always make sure the water is fresh and clean.
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