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my things to do nyc list where to go - - doing dishes in a new york restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-08-22
my things to do nyc list where to go -  -  doing dishes in a new york restaurant
I plan to travel to New York this summer.
To help plan and know what interesting things I should do, I searched the internet for "things to do in New York" and found many interesting things.
I am very excited about my upcoming trip to New York.
There are so many things to do in New York that I know I will be happy.
To maximize my time in New York City, I listed interesting things I wanted to do.
I chose the following points for what I was going to do in New York: Central Park, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge, and many other things in New York.
What I'm going to do in New York is grouped by date and region.
For example, on Friday, I went to the east side because I had something on my list of things in New York, and on Saturday, I went to the west side because I had a lot of things to do there too.
After I studied the location, I started looking at the actual situation in New York and found that Central Park has 843 acres in central Manhattan, and there is a lot to do, such as restaurants, rental boats, grass, etc!
I want to spend a lot of time there because it's fun to do it in New York.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is right next to Central Park, both on my New York list, so it makes sense to go to the Metropolitan Museum before or after Central Park, and helped me list things in New York.
While in New York, I knew I wanted to enjoy the beauty of New York City, so I did some research on the interesting things I was going to do on the New York list, discover that the top of Rockefeller Center offers better New York things as compared to going down the Empire State Building.
Both of these are things I'm going to do in New York, and both Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building will provide you with spectacular views, so choose one of them to do New York.
I also have a place on the New York list that is Times Square.
Nothing is better than this. . .
Especially at night!
Times Square is a great thing in New York with all the lights, people, shopping and food you can imagine.
Doing these things in New York is an unprecedented experience.
It could even be your favorite thing to do on the New York list!
I shop on New York's shopping list because it's New York City and the best shopping place in the world!
Fifth Avenue and shopping must be what you do in New York!
Fifth Avenue is amazing and it will be your favorite thing to do on the New York list.
To have a good time in New York City, start putting what you have to do on the list in New York.
You can do a lot of interesting things in New York and enjoy your upcoming trip to New York City!
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