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My friend vacuums her letterbox: why some people have an obsession to clean - dirty restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-25
My friend vacuums her letterbox: why some people have an obsession to clean  -  dirty restaurant dishes
I hate the monotony of housework and the intrusion of time because I can do anything else.
However, I do like the feeling of pride when I stare at my sparkling desktop and sparkling floor.
Unfortunately, the light is very short.
As my teenage child strolls on the grass and on the beach, every pot of vegetables I live in the kitchen is used to make snacks, leaving discarded shoes throughout the house,A well-
I try to keep order at home, but it's always a priority to watch my kids do sports or have lunch with friends.
If I had to run out on notice, I was not worried that my house would look like someone would pick it up and shake it.
Close friend Deanna is not so relaxed.
"I would be nervous if someone came over and the dishes weren't made and my bed wasn't made," she said . ".
"I will not leave unless the house is clean.
I can't leave it.
Psychologist Tania Coats says 95 of our minds are "rubbish ".
A random raw chicken may suddenly enter someone's head and be fired immediately, but in obsessive-compulsive patients the meaning and reaction to the same idea may trigger the urge to clean up the entire refrigerator, to prevent the raw chicken from polluting other food.
Deanna understands that her actions are extreme and can sometimes be dissatisfied with the impact of her life.
Before the guest left, she rarely entertained the guest because she could not leave a dirty plate and she incurred hurtful, sarcastic comments, and she had to fight the urge to clean up the people around her.
"Many customers with cleaning services
"OCD Obsessive-compulsive disorder finds itself very isolated and withdrawn, fearing the consequences of allowing people to enter their homes," Coats said . ".
She added that a sense of inadequacy during childhood may be linked to adult forced cleaning.
"Whether it is to control the environment in order to achieve safety awareness, or to show perfection in order to achieve recognition and acceptance.
The obsession with cleanliness may stem from Deanna's childhood.
She remembered that the only thing she could control was the clean room-the height of her bed was just right with a very flat pillow.
Deanna admits that she is not prepared to blame anyone: "I have accepted that this is me.
Everyone is addicted, it's just mine.
Fortunately for me, Deanna's need for extreme cleaning did not extend to the outside of her house, and she felt comfortable in my less primitive House.
But I have to admit that I sometimes wish she felt the need to pick up my vacuum cleaner, mop or cloth.
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