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by:Two Eight     2019-08-04
It is a bone-"You are going through profound changes, my dear," said the grandmother's growth guide."For this change, you should open the door to your abnormal bone marrow.No cell is perfect.At any time, you will be more open than you think, more open than you are at birth or in energy.You are now open to the breath of death because it plays the bonewood wind that you exist in.However, what can you do to adapt to terrible tunes and build a passion for exquisite gestures and long walks?"OK, yes," the grandmother grew up very happily.\ "You 'd better build a habit of a dull green plant that likes to mate with vinegar and garlic.These things will bring together solid adaptive issues that remain to be addressed as you move towards becoming a Crone.Have you ever realized that your bones are evolving?Every day of your life, there are a few of the bone cells that have been kicked and some of the new ones that have been made.From birth to your 30 s, you can make a lot of bone cells without much stretching.As long as your eating habits provide an important addition, you are not just replacing the bone cells that bite the dust, you have more to stretch and reinforce your bones.At the age of 35, new bone cells were becoming difficult to form.Setbacks over and over again: more bone cell delivery than you can replace.From a standard point of view, this is the beginning of osteoporosis, which is a disease of low bone mass.By the age of forty, many American women had begun to lose bone mass.By the age of 50, most people were told they should take hormones or drugs to avoid further misfortune and maintain a strategic distance from osteoporosis, hip fracture and death.Women who often practice and eat calciumRich food goes into menopause, and more like bone mass than women who sit there eating a lot of calciumDrain food (including soy, tofu, espresso, soft drinks, white wine, white flour, cooked meat, healthy yeast and grains ).In any case, no matter how great your lifestyle is, bone mass tends to decrease during menopause.For unknown reasons, menopause bones reduce the production of new cells and seem to ignore the proximity of calcium.This \"bone-"Stop" is usually short-lived and happens again and again in five to seven years.I saw it in the dissipation scene of hair shedding, nail breakage, and adolescent encounters equivalent to "developmental torture.Since I don't have a bone output, I don't see it in the bone output.The idea behind the bone scan is a good idea: to find women at risk of fracture, to remind them of the danger and to help them participate in the protection procedure.There is only one problem: the bone scan did not find women at risk of fracture, but found women with low bone thickness.I may want you to give up the possibility that osteoporosis is essential.In the tradition of smart women, we focus on patients, not problems.In Wise female customs, there is no disease, and there is no solution to infection.When we were centered on a disease like osteoporosis, we couldn't see the whole lady.The more we focus on a disease, even its expectations, the more we can maintain overall and happiness.Focusing on osteoporosis, characterized it as a disease, using drugs to fight it, we believe that post-menopause bone mass is a sign of a risk of malignant growth in the chest that is superior to the risk of broken bones.The twenty-5% of women with the most amazing bone mass in post-menopausal women have two or more times been identified as malignant growth in the chest than women with the least bone mass.In addition, hormones that maintain bone mass also fight the risk of malignant growth in the chest.Women who take estrogen substitutes (often taken to combat osteoporosis), although only five years, increased the risk of malignant growth in the chest by 20%;If they take hormone substitution, the danger will increase by 40%.Focusing on bone mass, we ignored the way Susan Brown pointed out that there was no strong relationship between bone thickness and bone fracture, director of the Center for Information Exchange on osteoporosis and many others.We have ignored the way that women who insist on taking estrogen or hormone replacement still experience bone changes and broken spine crushing.Bone-Stopping the pass, the bones do modify themselves, especially in the case of supporting herbs, which are an excellent source of bones --Make minerals and predict fracture better than enhancement.Minerals in green plants seem to be the perfect choice to keep bones strong.Dr.Campbell, professor of nutrition biochemistry at Cornell University, conducted extensive research in China and found the lowest actual rate of hair breaking for middle-aged and more experienced women in China.He said, "the closer it is to the eating habits of relying on plant food and green vegetables, the lower the incidence of many diseases, including osteoporosis."Women who eat up a lot of calcium --Rich plants and movements reasonably combine solid adaptive bones.Ladies who rely on hormones will build huge bones, no matter how inflexible they are.Intense training at any sporting event usually results in swelling of the limbs, and ORGONO live Silica helps reduce this during and after training. Please visit hormone replacement program for more information, do notThey regulate (or inhibit) the cells that execute the bone cells (osteoclasts cells ).Rebound impact;When the hormones stop, the bones jump unfortunately.Women who took the hormone for a long time or longer than women of the same age who never took the hormone repeatedly broke their bones within one year after the stop.The lady works with the green partner to build a better bone and exercise to maintain the formation of the cells of the bone cells (the bone cells ).When menopause begins, hormone or estrogen substitution is thought to reduce post-menopauseMenopause rate 40-60 percent.Visit the stroller (you don't have to sweat) and eating habits high in calciumThe rich green partner (1500 mg per day) seems to be reducedMenopause cracks 50%.The first one is expensive and dangerous.Second, modesty and happiness.In addition to the difficulty of understanding why more than 80% of American women "refuse" hormones, this is also difficult to understand.It is possible to build a better skeleton, which will never pass and will never be too early.Your best protection for crack-free, solid bones is to assemble better bones before menopause.The more exercise and calciumWhen you are younger, you will get rich green partners, and the less pressure you need as you grow older.
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