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most popular restaurant dishes in america What Are the Staple Foods of America?

by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
Staple food is typical of a particular society or culture.Another way of thinking about staple foods is that they are foods that provide a large amount of daily calories in any specific area.Although American cuisine is a melting pot like American society, some foods are common enough across the country to be considered staple food in the United States..
Grains, especially wheat, make up a large part of the American diet.According to the USDA's 2010 dietary guidelines, the two largest calorie sources in the US diet are grains --Dessert and bread.Americans eat an average of six.30 ounces of grain per day.About half of them are fine grain;The whole grain left.In addition to bread and desserts, Americans also eat cereal in the form of breakfast cereal and snacks.
According to the Institute for Earth policy, Americans ate 171 pounds of meat per person in 2011.Poultry is the most common meat on American tables.Americans eat about 70 pounds a year.Beef and pork account for most of meat consumption.Beef is consumed at a rate of 52 pounds per person and pork is consumed at a rate of 44 pounds per person per year.Turkey and fish account for only a small portion of American meat intake.
Sugar and other sweeteners account for such a large proportion of American calorie intake that they can be considered staple foods.From sugar beet and sugar cane, sweeteners exist in the form of refined sugar;Corn sweeteners-Especially high fructose corn syrup-There are honey, maple syrup and other sweet syrup.Americans consume nearly a hundred pounds of sweeteners each year.Sugar is mainly used for flavoring cereal products, beverages and sweets.High fructose corn syrup sweet drinks and sweets.In fact, Americans eat about 25 pounds of corn sweeteners in carbonated drinks every year.
Tomatoes are one of the most common foods in the United States.According to common foods in the United States, a study by Penn State University and the United StatesS.The US Department of Agriculture says about 46% of Americans eat some form of tomatoes a day.At least nearly 86% of people eat tomatoes every other day.Processed tomato products account for nearly 80% of all tomatoes in the United States.Tomato sauce is the most common form of processing, such as marinade and other pasta saucetomato food.Tomato sauce, canned tomato products, tomato sauce and juice make up most of the use of processed tomatoes.
The proportion of potatoes eaten by Americans per person per year is about 143 pounds, which is the favorite vegetable of Americans.In the United States, Americans consume the highest proportion of potatoes in the form of potato chips, at 28%.They use 59% of the potatoes as fried potatoes. The most common thing is French fries.Baked potatoes are the third most common potato eaten by Americans.
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