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most popular restaurant dishes in america The Difference Between a Guayaba and a Guava

by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
The difference between Guayaba and guava is basically phonetic ---Both refer to the same plant.Guava is a sweet fruit that grows in a tropical climate and warm environment.round.This fruit is the product of the guava tree, which is part of the myrtle family (Myrtle family)It consists of 100 small trees and tropical shrubs.
Guava is believed to have originated in Latin America in southern Mexico and Central America.Since 1526, the fruit has been grown in tropical areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.Guava trees were introduced from Florida to Guam and East India in 1847;Guava is likely to be brought to Africa and Asia after being introduced to these areas for the first time.Guava was introduced to Hawaii in the early 19 th century and is now planted on the Pacific Islands.
The word Guayaba is a Spanish derivative of "guayabo", the original word used by the Alawak Indians for the guava tree.The Alawak Indians are the first nations of the Greater Andes and South America.When Columbus arrived in the United States, he met the first man of the Alawak people.
While languages like Romania, Russia, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have incorporated the word guava into their vocabulary, other languages have created their own vocabulary for guava fruits.Guava is called other names in other languages, including jwafa (Arabic), guaba (Japanese), bayabas (Tagalog), amrood (side cover)
People all over the world enjoy guava fruits in a variety of fashion.Fruit can be eaten raw or with salt and pepper;Dip in the preserved plum powder;Made into candy, honey, jelly and jam;Make juice;Used as a substitute for tomatoes for sauces and other salty products.
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