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most popular restaurant dishes in america popular french foods in america (with pictures) | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
France, which has long been considered the world's culinary center, has had a considerable impact on American tastes.Whether it's a wine and cheese party, a quick stop at a bakery, or a night tasting premium cuisine in town, the French influence is everywhere in American cooking.
One of the best places to discover the influence of French cuisine in the United States is the bakery.In a typical American Bakery, popular French products include hard-skinned French baguette that can be eaten separately or used for small sandwiches and flaky butter croissants that can be dressed up with chocolate or almondsPetits fours is another popular French dim sum in the United States, a small cake covered with fudge.The name is a joke, meaning "small oven ".
Despite the growing popularity of wine from countries such as Chile, Australia and South Africa, it seems that American wine lovers will always return to their beloved French wines.Without a little French, it is almost impossible in the wine market because French products are very popular in the United States ---Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chamblis, Merlot, Pino wines (blanc, Gries and black), lovesickness, and champagne for party wines everyone's favorite.
France produces some hard and soft (triple-Cream) cheese that Americans can't seem to eat.Includes a blue cheese Roquefort made of goat's milk;Neufchtel, a more delicious version in the United States than in France;A rich soft cheese;Camonbert and Brie are the most popular trio in France.Cream cheese, served at room temperature, enjoy the texture of a runny nose and the taste of butter.
Without French food, the brunch in the United States seems to be nothing.Come and eat crepes with almost unlimited variety of top options--From the sweetness like fruit and chocolate to the delicacy full of tomatoes and cheese.And an egg roll.It can be a vegetarian open pie or smoked meat such as ham and bacon.
The popularity of advanced cooking ("advanced cooking") has contributed greatly to the culture of American restaurants.The most popular dishes in France include snails, foie gras and foie gras (fat goose and other bird liver) and black truffles.
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