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most popular restaurant dishes in america Components of a Banana Peel

by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
Banana Peel was once a waste product and has now become a source of nutrients, animal raw materials and fertilizers.Bananas are the second most popular fruit in the United States.Bananas are a great herb.-A member of the Musca family-originated in South tropical Asia.Its height is between 6 and 20 feet.In modern times, it is the most important fruit grown in the tropical world.
The main component of the peel is organic matter.Protein accounted for 0.9% according to the skin weight, the lipid is 1.7%, 59 carbohydrates.1%, crude fiber is 31.7 percent.This composition makes the peel a good raw material for animals.
The moisture content of banana peel depends on the harvest and ripening time of banana fruit.Depending on the weight of the peel, it changes between 6 and 8%.
Potassium is the highest concentration of minerals, including 0.According to research by Nigerian scientists, the weight of the peel is 078%.Potassium regulates body fluids and blood pressure.The concentration of manganese in the Peel was slightly lower, 0.076 percent.This mineral contributes to the formation of bones and cartilage.The concentration of calcium is 0.019%, sodium is 0.024%, iron is 0.00061 percent.The presence of trace phosphorus and potassium makes banana peel an excellent garden fertilizer.
When heated, the organic content of the banana peel is broken down into its constituent carbon and gas, producing banana charcoal.This product originated in Uganda as an alternative to the decreasing amount of wood used as a cooking fuel.
Pectin is a glue for the production of jam and candy.It mainly comes from citrus and apples.Banana peel contains less amount of pectic than citrus fruit, but more pectic than beet.
Anti-Nutrients are substances that are toxic to humans and animals.The concentration of hydrogen ammonia in banana peel is 0.The weight is 0013% and is within the safety range.The grass salt that causes kidney disease exists at a low safety level of 0.00051 percent.The concentration of soap compounds is as high as 24%.These compounds can cause the sensory system of pigs and poultry to become paralyzed and inhibit growth.If the peel is destined to be used in animal feed, the soap content must be removed.
The content of Danic acid in dried banana peel is 30-40%.This substance is used to treat and blacken leather.Fresh banana peel is an efficient shoe polish machine.
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