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most expensive restaurant dishes in the world list of ethnic foods by country | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
Eating the same food every day can make you experience the boredom of food.By adding ethnic dishes to your food to change the food you consume a little, you can inject a variety of cultures into your eating habits.Countries such as Mexico, Italy, India and Greece have many unique cultural dishes that can satisfy your taste.
Mexico is known for its spicy dishes, sauces and soups such as mole, posole and tamales.Mole, pronounced "molay", is a chili sauce made of tomatoes, chocolate and several different types of peppers, poured on chicken, beef, or pork.Posole is a Mexican soup made of hominy. The main ingredients are green pepper, cumin and Mexican pepper.Chicken or pork is sometimes added to the soup.Tamales is a bundle of wet dough called masa harina filled with different types of meat, covered with cornflakes and steamed.It is common in Mexico, especially as a staple food for festivals and birthdays.
Although we can easily recognize pizza and pasta as common Italian dishes, there are many other national dishes in this country.Eggplant Parmesan is a dish on the menu of many American restaurants. it is fried with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese or Parmesan cheese.Gnucchi is a small dumpling made of a mixture of potatoes, flour and eggs.The dumplings are covered with various sauces such as tomatoes, basil or Alfredo, a thick cream --and butter-based sauce.
The world's second IndiaThe country with a large population has many delicious spices, such as curry and cumin.The three most common dishes here are andori chicken, chicken ka and malai kofta.Tandoori chicken consists of whole chicken marinated with salt, garlic paste, tandoori masala and yogurt.Indian cooking with special baking oven-The name of this dish comes from-Until the chicken is tender and golden brown.Tikka, one of India's most popular dishes, features chicken nuggets covered with fragrant creamy gravy.It is usually eaten with rice and the side of the Indian flat bread naan.Malai kofta is a vegetarian dish made of potatoes, a variety of vegetables and Indian cheese.The mixed ingredients are made into balls and fried with spicy gravy made from tomatoes, onions and masala.
Greek cuisine contains many Mediterranean-style ingredients.Spinach pie, known in Greece as spanokopita, is a mixture of spinach and Feida cheese on Filo paperFlaky dough.If you like lasagna, you may also like pastisio, which consists of noodles, crushed lamb, tomato sauce and cheese, seasoned with nutmeg.Greece also offers a wide variety of national appetizers, including tzatziki, a mixture of Greek yogurt, cucumbers and spices, and skordalia, a dish made from pureed mashed potatoes and crushed garlic
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