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most expensive restaurant dish kopi luwak is expensive but the best -

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
How do you want to start your day?How about a cup of fresh and strong coffee?You're thinking there's nothing new in it.How about a cup of lui luwak?You may not be familiar with the name?Or somehow, it has slipped through your mind during your busy day.Well, if you take a few minutes out of your busy schedule, then this article will give you a new idea about the world's most exotic coffee.
Enjoy the tour.
Kopi Luwak-what is this?First of all, its origin is Indonesia.Most of its production is limited in Sumatra and Java, the country's western islands.Kopi Luwak is made from sweet red coffee beans collected from Luwak feces.
What is Luwak?Luwak is a cat like an animal.They are familiar with the name of the Asian palm civet.You must be wondering, what does the animal have to do with coffee?In fact, the civet uses sweet, red coffee beans as food there.
Although they can digest berries, they cannot digest the seeds.These undigested coffee seeds are defecated and then feces are collected.After several processing, we got the most expensive coffee in the world-kopi luwak.
Why is it different from other coffee brands?The coffee beans of Kopi luwak taste better than others, and the taste is delicate and sweet-Famous coffee brand.It doesn't have that bitter taste like other coffee beans.How is that?Basically, an enzyme secret of the digestive organ when the civet is digested, it destroys the protein in the berry seeds.
Therefore, it reduces the bitter taste of coffee and gives a unique taste.How much is safe to drink?You would be surprised to think that the most expensive coffee in the world came out of the cat's ass.At the same time, there is another problem suddenly in your mind.
Is it safe?I tell you, it's completely safe to drink.After collecting cats-pooped-The farmers washed the coffee seeds clean.After that, they were dried up.Then gently bake the seeds to maintain the taste and finally grind the packaging.
In all of these processes, seeds are effectively disinfected to prevent further presence of bacteria.How much does coffee cost?So, after learning all these facts, how much will you pay for this?In some magazines published last year, one of Australia's most popular coffee shops sold a kopi luwak for only $50.In 2008-09, a survey was conducted to understand the price of kopi luwak.
Vietnam's weasel coffee costs about $6600 ($3000 per pound) per kilogram ).Usually the cost is between $150.$660.But in Indonesia, the cost is slightly lower.It's incredible that a cup of coffee costs 50 dollars.
But you don't mind paying a little more to taste the real scent.Right!So, don't wait too long, start the next morning with a rich chocolate coffee that tastes better, is of better quality, and is smooth
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