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most beautiful restaurant dishes delicious russian bread - most beautiful russian girls and ...

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
Many people know that Russian girls are sexy, beautiful and charming.They made a good wife.Their traditional food (Russian Beef stroganov, bliny, caviar, Coulibiac, Shchi, Shashlik, Solyanka, Rassolnik, piro, especially bread.Bread is very unique to the Russians.There are so many delicious traditional foods that you can enjoy if you are dating a Russian wife.
Most Russian girls are family members.
Good Chef with orientationBread originated in Russia.It is one of the main food of the Russian people.With the development of society and the emergence of modern revolutionary machines, the baking skills of Russians have been greatly improved.
Sour dough bread baked in the electric cake stove is a unique Russian-style food.There are many kinds of bread in Russia.The most well-Know is the kind used to welcome guests.It is as big as basketball.Its shell is hard.You have to cut it with butter and soup.The main ingredients are pastries, salt and hops.
Baked can be stored for a week in the summer and for about a month in the winter.It's cheap, but it's especially important in their lives.To show their friendliness and respect, they receive guests with bread and salt.
Remember to eat it when you visit your Russian girlfriend or someone else's family.A long time ago, bread had always been their habit, food for Russian national culture, and a sign of their warm welcome.Many proverbs are related to them in life.
Here is a short list.
Marry a beautiful girl from Russia and you can have a lot of wonderful experiences.The difference in food may appeal to you.In Russia, most girls can make all the traditional food.If you have a Russian bride, you will be a happy person.
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