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modern handmade ceramic dinnerware bone china vs. stoneware | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
Tableware is one of the earliest examples of human beings.made objects.According to Replacements Ltd, the plates, pans and bowls common in today's tableware were first developed by the ChineseThere are four kinds of pottery or ceramics for modern tableware: bone porcelain, porcelain, pottery and pottery.Bone china is considered the highest quality and therefore the most expensive.
The cheapest tableware is pottery.
Bone porcelain and stone ware have many things in common, but there are also many differences, which leads to the price difference between them.Stone Ware is an ancient Chinese tableware that has been used in Northern Europe since the 14 th century."Bone China" is an English work introduced by Josiah spoud around 1800.
Bone china quickly became popular, partly because of the cost of porcelain, made in China and affected by high freight charges and high import tariffs in Europe.European porcelain, which is considered to be of poor quality than bone porcelain, will not be developed until the beginning of the 18 th century.Bone china consists of 50% of animal bones, 25% of Chinese clay and 25% of Chinese stones.
The bones are processed and then ground into fine ash.Ingredients are formed together and then fired in a kiln of 1200 to 1300 °c.After the first launch, China launched the second time at a temperature of 1050 to 1100 degrees Celsius.
According to the pottery website.
Pottery is made of 25% ball clay, 25% Chinese clay, 35% flint stone and 15% Chinese stone.These ingredients are usually fired only once at 1200 to 1300 °c.Optional second shot at around 1050 to 1100 ° c.
According to potteryorg.
Strong rough pottery,Porous and opaque.
Any glaze on the Ware is of no functional value and will not make the stone more durable;It is purely decorative.Bone porcelain looks more delicate than pottery, but bone porcelain is very strong due to the use of animal ash.It is also non-But unlike stone products, it is translucent.
According to pottery, although the weight of bone porcelain is similar to that of porcelain, bone porcelain is not easy to tableware is safe for serving and preparing food.Both Stone and bone porcelain are microwaves.
and dishwasher-Although Wedgwood China warned against the use of detergents that exceeded the recommended number of dishwasher manufacturers, it was recommended to use mild detergents.Porcelain isSuitable for oven use.Wedgwood suggested that bone china should not be subject to rapid changes in temperature, but should be placed in a cold oven and heated gradually.Bone porcelain has a beautiful appearance and may be decorated with complex decoration.
A wider range of colors and materials can be used to decorate bone porcelain compared to other ceramics.It is bright white and has a smooth and smooth appearance when glazed.Although similar to porcelain, bone porcelain is lighter in weight and whiter in color than any other form of tableware.
Stone's surface is dense and colorful.
If there is no glaze and decoration, the color range of pottery is wide from brown to bluegray
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