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MLC calls for review of wages - how to wash dishes at restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
MLC calls for review of wages  -  how to wash dishes at restaurant
Mr. Hall called on the government to hold a motion for a comprehensive review of the legislation to be debated in the Legislative Council on Tuesday.
Before the debate, some Launceston businesses closed or laid off workers on Sunday.
The commercial operator accused the penalty rate of making it unable to afford the opening fee.
Businesses need more flexibility, Hall said, but he did not appeal to businesses to choose jobs.
"It makes me very clear --
"I am not saying that all penalty rates are completely abolished, but rather that a better balance is reached to open the door to more businesses and hire more people," Hall said . ".
The Leaning Chapel vineyards of Leaning alla once provided food to visitors seven days a week,
Sarah Hirst, the owner, said the high cost of paying employees on Sunday forced the company to cut back.
"You can pay $30 an hour, plus compensation from workers, plus super pay to get someone to wash the dishes in one day," Hurst said . " MS.
MS Hearst recently advertised temporary workers, and about 30 people wanted to work on weekends.
She believes a lot of people are willing to work at basic rates on weekends.
She is also concerned about the impact of visitors on the impression of tasmania state.
"If you're on vacation, can't find a place to eat, have a good time, you won't recommend it to others, and you won't come back," she said . ".
Fair Work Australia is reviewing the penalty rate, but in the submission for review, the federal government has expressed "clear support" for the modern penalty rate ".
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