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minimum temperature to wash dishes in restaurant why you should not cook stuffing inside the turkey ...

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
Should you add roast turkey with seasoning or stuffing?What is the stuffing and seasoning?Why are some people confused about these terms?What must I use?When it comes to using spices or fillings in roast turkey or any other meat, these are the most common problems.Each term can be used interchanged, which means the same definition.The two words actually mean the same definition.
The confusion mainly comes from which area you might be from and where you might be using it.Usually, the definition of seasoning is cooked outside the meat, and the definition of filling is cooked inside the meat.Nevertheless, within the United StatesS. The term "seasoning" used in the South can refer to cooking outside and inside the meat.
The use of North stuffing is due to the specification and symbol of cooking inside and outside.In Australia and several Asian countries, dressing means cooking outside.The filling means it enters the interior and cooks in the meat.
If it's not done right, cooking the stuffing or seasoning inside the turkey is really a potential risk.The filling is very porous, which means it will eventually absorb Turkish juice.The juice contains salmonella that enters the filling.
How safe are you?Well, the filling inside needs to be cooked at a minimum temperature of 165 F.The dilemma is that cooking burns Turkey at such temperatures.The healthier concept is to make turkey stuffing or seasoning outside.
This may be safer.
There is no hot chicken juice when the filling is soaked.Cooking outside will give you more control over cooking techniques.You can do more and let your ideas come into play.
Also, remove the filling now and the turkey will bake faster.It sounds like cooking seasoning outside is considered a viable approach.The taste and texture of your filling or seasoning may be limited by your imagination.
It takes a little effort to cook it outside and may take more time to work.But it's worth it.You will be surprised to leave your guests and want more.Release your imagination and what you can include.
Chop, chopped apples, sausages, chestnuts, oysters, vegetables and other ingredients can be used.How about using cubic bread, pepper, oyster oil, oysters, mushrooms, Baili and other delicious ingredients to make a delicious oyster seasoning?
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