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minimum temperature to wash dishes in restaurant 5 tips to take note when planning for your commercial ...

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
Well-planned commercial advertising is the most important factor to pay attention to when building a restaurant.Most owners put the importance of commercial kitchen consultation after the interior design.However, when everything in the kitchen is in place from the beginning, cooking will be faster, easier and more enjoyable.
Happiness is transformed into the food provided.In terms of kitchen, hygiene and safety are important for both internal and external customers.You can't imagine the scene in the kitchen during the meal time and things can get messed up.
Here are 5 suggestions when planning a commercial kitchen to ensure compliance with food safety and health standards.The main inventory of the restaurant is perishable and should be kept at the right temperature to ensure freshness and maintain its shelf life.A good refrigerator should maintain the set temperature throughout the cycle.
In addition to the different compartments, different foods should be placed in separate compartments to prevent contamination.Raw food placed in a refrigerator below 32 degrees Fahrenheit will have a longer shelf life, while fruits and vegetables should never be frozen.The thawing process of removing meat, seafood and poultry from the freezer is as important as when bacteria start to grow.
Moisture and warmth accelerate the growth of bacteria and keep them away from unwanted areas.Professional kitchen planners will advise on the hot and cold environment and clearly define it.You don't want raw food to thaw in a hot environment, which will affect the growth of bacteria and ultimately the quality of your food.
Your washing and cutting stations should be placed next to each other and the last thing you want to see is a wet and dangerous kitchen.Your service station should stay away from the flames and not avoid your area of action.Condiments and dry goods should be stored away from direct heating.
Labeling and storage are critical to ensure that inventory is well managed to reduce waste and facilitate access.This will eventually help smooth the workflow of your restaurant and reduce inventory time.Proper cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen is essential to ensure cleanliness and safety.
Different devices require different cleaning processes and solutions, so be sure to check with your kitchen planner on the layout.The daily cleaning plan is necessary and the equipment that can be maintained in the same way can be put together to reduce the cleaning time.This is a good way to prevent pests.The last thing you should miss is your commercial restaurant equipment.
An experienced kitchen expert should supplement the number of your kitchen equipment, cookware, oven and frying pan.The type of cooker will also affect the purpose of cooking.You can look for your kitchen designer on the recommended brand and size.
You don't want to fry or cook multiple times due to the limitations of the device.Similarly, in order to ensure food safety and a favorable workplace, restaurants need to follow many health guidelines.For the setting of the restaurant, the storage, preparation and delivery of the food must be planned in advance.
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