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Mimi's Cafe in Garden Grove, CA - Restaurant Review, Menu/Prices - classic italian restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-27
Mimi\'s Cafe in Garden Grove, CA - Restaurant Review, Menu/Prices  -  classic italian restaurant dishes
The Mi cafe is located at the corner of the bustling Beach Avenue and enjoys a convenient location.
Garden Grove Avenue.
Meet at the intersection of Huntington Beach, Westminster and California Garden Grove.
One side of the restaurant is adjacent to the Beach Boulevard, so it is easy to see and reach if you are traveling north or south.
Although the restaurant is located on the side of GG Avenue, the big "Mimi Cafe" sign can be seen from this advantageous location, so it is relatively easy to find a restaurant when traveling on this street.
Mimi's Cafe is located in the same corner lot and neighborhood as the "Country Mall", a medium-sized shopping mall, close to the restaurant, but clearly separated from the width of the parking lot.
If you are not familiar with this area of the city, nearby, extending a few blocks in any direction, is part of the street grid, due to the proximity to the Beach Avenue, this is very beneficial to chronic traffic congestion to varying degrees.
This is the main artery connecting several northern Orange County municipalities to and from the rich entertainment destinations and intensive employment sites.
So keep this in mind when planning your trip to Mimi's.
The rush hour is usually early morning and 5. m. rush hour. Beach Blvd.
Adjacent streets are prone to strong vehicle participation and sometimes become busy, but traffic usually moves forward at a steady rate.
Look and design, mainly on the front of the entrance, quaint and charming, consistent with Mediterranean and European themes.
Pleasant French architectural tones with slight Italian nuances, combined with standard Area d. ©In my opinion, cor seems to work very well in meeting diverse and loyal clients.
On the other hand, food is a good combination of France
Americans with European customs
The in-house dining area is a traditional style with two or three separate zoning sections, and during the transition from one room to another, customers can see slightly different views, feelings, auras and
Decorated with European "Plaid" tablecloths on the table, the colorful, darker, stain-resistant tile floor completes the attractive natural cobblestone appeal.
If you are interested in dining outside and absorbing warm sunshine and fresh air, remember that this is Orange County, California, with pleasant weather almost all year round, enjoy a great meal in the square near the entrance.
This is a small but quaint area, and all tables are equipped with umbrellas if needed to protect your eyes from the Sun or any floating leaves that may escape from the branches above
The bar area was very comfortable and incredible, and even though I wasn't crowded when I was eating, you could still observe a couple of temporary meetings between friends and a small group of bank colleagues or two, they seem to be concentrating on negotiating terms for new business deals in their work.
Mimi's is certainly not a luxury formal shirt and tie night, nor is it advertised.
This is a nice quaint and charming family-friendly restaurant, which serves a wealth of breakfast, lunch and dinner features, mainly including delicious, traditional, good family comfort food, adding a little European flavor.
Strict dietary considerations?
Mimi's offers a wide selection of attractive health-conscious options selected from the "Mimi's Cafe Fresh and Fit" menu.
A compliment consisting mainly of protein, oatmeal, wheat bread, fruit and vegetables.
A small but suitable children's menu for young family members is also provided.
The price of breakfast is reasonable, ranging from $4 to $7 on average, and the portion size is just right.
Lunch and lunch specials are a little more expensive, but I don't think you'll walk away hungry after dinner.
Of course, there is dinner, and the price ranges from about $8 depending on the choice.
So basically Mimi offers a plate of food of the right size at a very reasonable price and includes a free bread and specialty carrot cake basket in certain menu items.
When we visited, I was glad to find that the service here was good.
From the front desk of the lobby to the waiter, everyone in the middle is polite, polite, with a smile on his face, ready to cater to our dining pleasure.
We sat down almost as soon as we arrived and didn't have to endure the long wait, and our order was taken away shortly after receiving the menu.
We arrived at about 11: 00 a. m. on weekdays, so I thought booking was unnecessary or at least gave us a pleasant, No.
The crowded experience, during our lunch, we enjoyed almost free, undisturbed rule.
Access to Mimi \'s through two different entry points is open and seamless, both of which go to the restaurant parking lot.
An entrance meets Garden Grove Avenue and leads directly to the main section of the Village shopping center, then suddenly turns to MI at a 45-degree angle.
Compared to the traffic entrance from the beach Avenue to the restaurant parking lot, this route is usually less crowded and easier to operate.
Any entrance will allow you to reach Mimi, and the direction from which entrance you start should determine which entrance is most convenient.
Sharing a parking lot with a medium-sized mall during peak meal times seems like an asset, as can be seen from the flow of Mimi's customer vehicles into the Village Mall parking lot.
For overflow customers who intend to visit any given store or restaurant at random, the whole area seems to be designated as "co-parking", so finding a place for your vehicle should not beeventful.
Parking is free and there are at least two spacious spaces at the main entrance designated for disabled customers.
This is a necessary accommodation for those who need easier access and should be expanded in my opinion.
Mimi's Cafe is a pleasure for the whole family.
Enough menu choices are designed to please the variety of appetites, which is often a common feature of a group outing, when trying to find a restaurant with a deep selection to accommodate a few people, this may challenge different preferences.
Except for the conventional, non-
With a limited selection of calories, the menu also contains a small but attractive list of healthy, low-calorie dishes to ease the awareness of guilt.
All of this is fresh and warm food.
Although I have had meals in this particular franchise restaurant in the last few times, during this assessment-centered trip, I had the chance to enjoy "Veggie Burger" and "Chinese chicken ".
Two light and healthy luxury items, beautifully decorated with signature bread and carrot cake baskets to highlight this.
The Mimi is certainly not a "black tie incident" and I am sure the representative and the manager will be the first to acknowledge this fact.
Mimi's staff were not dressed neatly and could not find a valet car attendant, and there was no separate crystal chandelier on the ceiling.
However, from the moment you park and walk to the entrance, you immediately immerse yourself in the exotic nature of a miniature tour in southern France, spending a lovely quaint afternoon or evening with friends or family, of course, minus the main travel expenses.
Experience European style benches, small squares and lovely look
The framed building highlights the carefully trimmed landscape, reminiscent of the actual location thousands of miles away.
My visit was enjoyable, I had delicious food and drinks in front of good company while surrounded by the atmosphere I always liked, a classic Italian, French or European design.
This is a kind of happiness. -
Cafe in MI, nice place, good food, reasonable price
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