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milk: the weight loss drug - - tennessee can restaurant add alcohol to a dish

by:Two Eight     2019-09-10
milk: the weight loss drug -  -  tennessee can restaurant add alcohol to a dish
In our childhood, we heard the words: drink a cup of milk every meal.
Now TV commercials are promoting weight.
Loss effects of milk and other dairy products.
Can dairy products control their weight?
How is this possible?
Dr. Michael Zemel, director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Knoxville, Tennessee, published many papers on the subject.
He outlined his latest study in the January 2003 Journal of Nutrition, in which mouse studies showed the role of calcium in weight gain and fat storage.
When they try to lose weight, too many people reduce dairy products from their diet, he said.
"When they do, they are shooting themselves with their feet.
Dairy products contain hundreds of compounds that have a positive impact on human health and enhance fat
"He explained.
"When we cut dairy products, we signal to the body to make more fat," Zemel said . ".
"When your body is short of calcium, it starts to save calcium.
This mechanism prompts your body to produce a higher level of a hormone called bone alcohol, which triggers an increase in fat cells.
He said: "High levels of bone alcohol tell fat cells to store themselves in the body.
This increase in calcitriol also "tells" fat cells to swell, he said.
So your fat cells are getting bigger and bigger.
A lot of fat cells make a big and fat person.
"The excess calcium in your diet can inhibit this hormone," he said.
Your body breaks down more fat and fat cells become thinner and thinner. A high-
Dairy diet can increase the weight by about 70%.
But wait, there's more.
It turns out that milk, cheese and yogurt are more effective than calcium supplements or calcium
"Intensive food," Zemel said. Why?
Dairy products are a complex collection of compounds.
Like plant chemicals found in fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals in dairy products are more than that.
"They are not classical nutrients but are considered to have beneficial effects.
"Fat calories are still important, but calcium can change the composition of your body.
It is a miracle of loss, said Zemel.
Calories are still important.
But even if you don't limit your calories, taking more calcium will change your body's composition.
You are transferring heat from fat to lean weight.
\ "You may not see the change on the scale.
"But we have seen a decrease in body fat," he said . ".
"We need to think that milk is more than just calcium --
"Delivery vehicles," he said.
"It's not just calcium. It\'s high-
High quality protein, a group of amino acids that have a positive impact on bones, muscles and fat.
"Zemel's research was established, says Laura Hassan, a nutritionist at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, MS.
In fact, "Research shows that high calcium increases fat oxidation or fat burning, which can lead to greater fat loss and weight loss if calcium is reducedcalorie diet. \".
She cited a study in which obese men drank two low cups
Drink a cup of fatty yogurt a day and there is no other change in their diet.
They lost an average of 11 pounds in a year.
The water heavy food tells your brain that you 've been drinking tomato sauce, tomato soup, vegetable soup, water
Heavy foods like this seem to trigger receptors in the stomach, telling the brain that you're full, says Dr. Barbara Rolls, a professor at Penn State University and author of the book Body mass index.
Control Plan: feel full with fewer calories.
In fact, the feeling of satiety, that is, the feeling of "I am full", is a secret factor in weight management.
"People don't like to deny themselves.
They feel a sense of failure when they deprive themselves.
"The fiber and water content of broth, soup and juice, as well as whole fruits, vegetables and grains are high, with low fat and calories.
"If you drink soup before dinner, it helps to control hunger and you eat less," Rolls said . ". \"Low-
Calorie soup can eliminate your hunger.
\ "Be careful not to eat greasy cream-
Based on soup, they can add calories to your diet, she said.
When you add foods that are rich in water, you add a lot of heat, but very little.
Then you can eat more with the same calories.
When adding water-
Breakfast cereal or plenty of blueberries in the water
Rolls explains that adding rich eggplants to the lasagna, you can increase the amount of food, but there is very little heat.
The water content of grapes is higher than that of raisins. For a 100-
You can eat more grapes than raisins.
That's simple.
Rolls said that there is less water in fat than any food, less water in fat than any food element, 9 calories per gram, alcohol at 7 calories, followed by protein and carbohydrates.
Want more examples?
Consider the difference between chocolate milk and milk chocolate bars.
A 1/2 ounce milk chocolate bar contains 230 calories, while a piece of 8-
A cup of chocolate milk made of whole milk contains 250 calories.
About the same amount of heat, you get five times the size of the chocolate bar.
Add more vegetables to pasta, reduce pasta and fat, and you will get more food.
You see the difference, she says, and you will be satisfied when you eat it.
Obese people eat more
Food than normal water
People of weight, most of the meat, all
High-fat milk and cheese, fried eggs
Fat desserts, according to a study.
They also ate very little high.
Water food like salad, fruit, skim milk.
Psychological satisfaction is strong, she says.
"We're talking about the changes in diet that people can sustain.
It can't satisfy your hunger if the fat content is too low.
If you don't like food, you won't maintain a diet pattern in the long run.
This is where people go wrong, they go too far, so they are on the same old diet roller coaster.
Hassan said: "The Theory of the weight loss switch roll is correct.
"There is a lot of research that can support this.
Foods with high water content take longer to eat and usually make people feel more full.
People will feel better when the plate is full of belly.
\ "Her advice: drink two glasses of water or other non-
Calorie drinks before meals.
Eat a little salad or broth in a restaurantbased soup.
At home, fill half the plates with vegetables
The fourth one is starch, and the other one.
The fourth protein. -
So vegetables dominate.
You can choose vegetables if you want a few seconds.
Have a meal before going to the restaurantvolume, low-
Calorie Snacks, fat
Free milk, a fruit, a light yogurt.
"You won't be hungry, so you won't eat a basket of chips or bread.
\ "If you have dinner, drink bouillon, hot tea or light cocoa, or two strawberries with a light cold whip.
"It's a great dessert with only 100 calories," Hassan said . ". Tea is calorie-
Free, less caffeine than coffee, is a great source of antioxidants.
However, Hassan told WebMD that tea did not help much to lose weight.
"It's full with a sip of tea, but I will never tell anyone that it will boost metabolism.
\ "The bottom line of weight loss is to follow the reduction-
Calories, healthy diet plans, regular exercise, and weight training to increase lean weight and speed up metabolism, she said.
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