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mexican traditional cooking techniques - - mexican restaurant dishes recipes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-12
mexican traditional cooking techniques -  -  mexican restaurant dishes recipes
Like many other foods, Mexican foods can be cooked, roasted or fried.
These are modern Mexican cooking styles, but traditional Mexican cooking techniques are quite different.
In ancient times, Mexicans did not have an oven.
Instead, they cook Mexican food on a bonfire, the most common of all traditional Mexican cooking techniques.
Food will be placed in an iron pan before cooking.
This Mexican cooking method is similar to the way we cook food on a grill these days.
The Aztecs steamed and cooked the food with two treated pots before introducing the iron pan in Spain.
These two pots are called xocli.
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The pot is filled with food and heated on open fire.
As of today, many foods are fried, and the cooking feature of Mexico is fried.
Today, it is much easier to cook Mexican food.
It takes less time to prepare food.
If anyone wants to make a homemade tortillas, there is an iron pan to make it simple.
Flans are simply made using a spring shape type pot.
A long time ago, making masa was a long process, and masa was a dish that included some sort of corn that had to be ground.
Now you can buy a metal grinder that will help grind Massa.
The oven is perfect for many of them when you make Mexican cooking recipes.
You can easily roast meat, fish and vegetables.
You can also add spices to a pot of water to cook food.
Many Mexican recipes can even be made in a pot or slow cooker.
The big steamer simplifies the cooking process of tamale.
It takes them a long time to cook, so a big pot means you can cook more at a time instead of cooking in small batches.
Another way to enjoy Mexican food is to have a barbecue.
The food was cooked like this many years ago and was called "barbacoa ".
"With this Mexican cooking method, the meat is wrapped in banana leaves and cactus leaves and steamed in boiling water in a large pit.
If you want to learn how to cook Mexican food, this is not the easiest trick for newbies!
The food cooked in this way tastes similar to our barbecue food today.
Fajitas is a great example of a perfect Mexican food BBQ.
Many years ago, Mexicans used "metate y mano", a large tool with a concave surface made of stone or lava.
This vessel is used to mash the ingredients.
Molcajete is another ancient Mexican cooking tool translated into mortar and pe.
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Although we use different utensils today, you will learn about these ancient cooking tools in the Mexican cooking class.
Cooking almost always needs to be stirred somewhere in the preparation process.
Wooden spoons have been around for hundreds of years and are still widely used.
There are different types of spoons today, depending on whether you move the meat with hot oil or stir the thick sauce.
Mexican food and traditional Mexican cooking techniques have a rich history.
These methods may change over time, but food is still traditional.
When cooking in a different way, the food tastes different and there are a lot of Mexican recipes to try and enjoy.
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