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mexican restaurant main dishes 4 surprising facts about mexican food -

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
While everyone loves Mexican food, there are some facts that we may not know even after years of enjoying this wonderful meal.It is surprising that we know very little about what we love so much.Let's take a deeper look at the history of this delicacy and you might be a little surprised.
Mexican cuisine combines many different cuisines and is inspired by the diet of different countries.Each wave of immigrants brings new varieties of food that Mexican people use.Chinese immigrants eat rice as a staple in Mexico, while French and Italian produce a taste of sharp cheese.
The Cornwall people brought their traditional pies and are now very popular as delicious Mexican dishespaste.Mexican-Food is often touted as unhealthy.But this is not the case.Mexican if you eat the right way-The food is very healthy.
Instead of refrigerated beans and cheese in traditional recipes, it contains all the right ingredients and a mixture of different food groups (carbohydrates and proteins), which makes it a perfect, balanced mealCorn flakes are not really Mexican!This may surprise you, but the most popular dish in Mexican restaurants --Corn flakes are not really Mexican.Yes, you're right.These delicious chips were not invented by Mexico, but by a chef named Ignacio naggio Anaya, Texas.The chef instinctively made cornflakes to serve his American wife.
American officers during World War II.
Similarly, Mexican food, such as burrito, margar Tower, fajitas, chimeghan, and even your favorite wine --hard-Shell Tacos are not authentic Mexican.But it is also born with the fusion of multiple cultures.The main ingredient of Mexican food is not meat and cheese, but vegetables.
Ancient Mexican food was mainly vegetables.Based on vegetables such as peppers, corn, beans and other unheard-of vegetables, which are used in large quantities in all dishes, such as peppers, corn, beans and verdolagas (If all the facts about Mexican food make you crave delicious Mexican food, go to Glendale for Mexican food and drinks, have a good time in Glendale, or have something to eat --watering food.Today's menu is re-interpreted and redesigned with Mexican cuisineFrom the typical Tex Mexico and Taco Bell so far, your taste buds have no taste.
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