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Mexican Herbs and Spices - fall chicken dish at restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-10
Mexican Herbs and Spices  -  fall chicken dish at restaurants
Are you interested in preparing some spicy Mexican food?
This article gives a brief overview of the common herbs and spices used in Mexican cuisine.
Good Mexican food-
Known for its colorful decorations, unique flavors and local herbs and spices.
Most Mexican dishes contain plenty of herbs and spices.
The fragrant leaves and seeds of many plants are included.
If you want to try any Mexican cuisine, you must have a basic idea of herbs and spices that give a distinctive aroma and flavor. in Mexico;
It is used to give yellow and unique flavor to rice dishes and sauces.
Mahogany seeds should be soaked in water for at least an hour before use.
In some dishes, only water soaked in seeds is used, while in others the seeds are added directly to the dishes.
Sometimes it is combined with oregano and other spices to make a paste that is used to marinate meat, fish and poultry.
Carmine fruit plants are not edible.
This spice is also known as "Mexican saffron" or "Red Flower ".
It's usually a very small addition.
Azafran is mainly used for its color, not the taste.
It tastes a bit bitter.
It is mainly used for seafood and chicken dishes with rice.
This is a rare spice used to season some dishes made of beans.
It is believed that epazote can alleviate digestive problems caused by beans.
It should be very small.
If consumed in large quantities, Epazote may have a toxic effect on the human body.
This is the most popular spice in Mexican cuisine.
There are about 13 varieties of cattle, and fresh leaves are more popular than dry leaves.
Oregano is the perfect choice for tomatoesbased dishes.
Usually, different types of peppers are powdered together and used in Mexican dishes.
Sometimes some spices are added to this mixture.
Chili powder is an integral part of Mexican cuisine.
Used in a variety of dishes, such as salt, poultry, meat, etc.
There are different types of chili powder in Mexico.
Each dish tastes different.
Mexican chili powder provides a special taste for a variety of foods.
Ancho chili powder tastes sweet and fruity.
There are other spices in the domestic chili powder, such as cumin, garlic, oregano, salt and coriander.
Green chili powder and papilah chili powder are also very popular.
The coriander is the fresh coriander leaves.
Since the dried leaves of coriander do not retain this flavor, fresh coriander is mainly used.
Their rich and spicy flavor gel is perfectly combined with most Mexican dishes such as salads, moles, beans and rice, soups, stews and skins.
These leaves are mainly used for decoration and seasoning.
Musk vanilla is known as tomillo in Mexico.
This spicy herb is an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine.
It is mainly used for sauces, soups, pickled peppers and marinades.
Cumin Seed is a fragrant seed with special flavor.
They are either ground into powder or used in full.
They are mainly used with chili powder to balance the flavor of the spices and add to the broth and stew.
In addition to these spices and herbs, there are more spices and herbs that are native to Mexico or introduced to the region by Europeans and others.
Including papaya, spinach
Like chaya, chepiche, chepil, hoja santa, veracruz, hierba buena (Leilan), cayenne, Seung Ju, coriander seeds jengire (Ginger), pimentn dulce (pepper), ajo (garlic), ajonjoli (sesame seeds), albahaca (Basil) and fennel (large material ).
Modern Mexican dishes contain a large number of herbs and spices originating in Mexico or from all over the world, especially in Europe and Asia.
It is these herbs and spices that give a unique flavor to Mexican cuisine and are loved by people all over the world.
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