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Mexican Food History - what are the tastiest dishes at mexican restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
Mexican Food History  -  what are the tastiest dishes at mexican restaurants
Who doesn't like Mexican food?
It is rich, spicy and colorful, and it is very unique in the use of taste.
Learn about the history of Mexican cuisine and how this food holds a place in the culinary world.
Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular in the world, with famous tortillas, tacos or burritos.
Mexican cuisine enlivened the taste buds of the food-
Lovers all over the world.
There are many popular Mexican dishes now.
Gourmet restaurants around the world.
However, the Mexican cuisine is much more than the popular chili sauce and the refreshing avocado sauce.
Here is an attempt to learn about the various culinary influences that lead to this colorful dish.
Due to the early colonial rule and the trade function between people from different countries and colonies later, Mexican cuisine has a wide influence.
Therefore, Mexican cuisine is the result of a variety of culinary influences.
This is a mixture of different cooking styles and ingredients in different cultures.
One of the earliest influences on Mexican food was the culinary influence of the Maya Indians, who traditionally were nomadic hunters and gatherers.
The Maya Indians live in the Yucatan region of southeast Mexico.
Since the Maya Indians are hunters, their food basically includes animal turkeys such as raccoon, deer, rabbit, ma fish, rattle snake, iguanas, spider monkeys, pigeons, turtles, frogs, etc, there are even a few insects.
Tropical fruits, beans, and corn are also accompanied.
While some of these effects remain, this food is now known as the former
Spanish or comida prehisp ica nica is considered an exotic dish in Mexico.
I like the green pepper. it's spicy but delicious.
This is a line borrowed from a famous folk song in Mexico.
These lines describe the front of the Mexican dish very accurately.
Before being influenced by Europe, the Mexican diet was fairly simple, limited to locally grown produce, especially corn, peppers and beans.
Corn is the most popular and widely used ingredient in pre-processing
Some popular cooking methods for eating corn are tortillas and tortillas, which involves incorporating corn into various flour preparations.
In addition, Corn Products often add ingredients such as tomatoes and peppers.
Early Mexican cuisine also included a variety of herbs and mushrooms.
With the invasion of Spain in 1521, Spain has a significant impact on Mexican food, whether it is the ingredients used or the cooking method.
When Spanish soldiers arrived in tenochtitland, the capital of Aztec, they found that people's diet was mainly corn.
Dishes based on peppers and herbs, usually accompanied by beans and tomatoes.
The soldiers ended up importing rice, beef, pork, chicken, wine, garlic and onions with local
Colombia Mexico including tomatoes, beans, chocolate, corn, vanilla, avocado, papaya, pineapple, chili, pumpkin, sweet potato, peanuts, fish and Turkey.
The influence of Spain has led to the emergence of dishes such as lomo en adobo (pork tenderloin in chili sauce), Chilean rellenos (large and gentle)
Seasoned peppers filled with cheese, beef or pork), tortillas, or very popular avocado sauce, all part of traditional Mexican food.
When the French occupied Mexico, they introduced a variety of baked goods to the region.
Sweet Mexican bread and bolillo are some examples of the French influence on their food.
It is believed that the combination of French cooking technology and Mexican ingredients is an excellent combination of food.
Native Mexican ingredients like pumpkin flowers and avocado are perfect for French mousse, crepes and soups.
The Maximilian empire and President pofirio Daz are influential in promoting the French style of Mexican cuisine.
An interesting discovery about the impact of France on Mexican cooking is the menu of March 29, 1865, written in French.
Five dishes, including two soups, five fish and shellfish dishes, five meat dishes and side dishes, desserts, champagne, and French, Hungarian and even Rhenish wines.
In due course, Mexican cuisine has been affected by a wide range of culinary influences, from the Caribbean, South America, West Africa to Portugal, which has led to the emergence of a highly diverse culinary style, this style of cooking also varies from region to region.
Due to Manila, Mexican food has little impact on the Philippines.
Sailing trade in akapura ranges from 1565 to 1815.
The popularity of Mexican cuisine has led to the appearance of this dish in other countries. The Tex-
Mexican cuisine developed in Texas
Located in the southwest of the United States, Mexico is an improvement of traditional cuisine with unusual American flavor.
One of the best examples of Tex --
Mexican cuisine is "refrigerated beans", a term actually created in Texas and a translation of the Mexican term "frijoles refritos. The Tex-
However, the Mexican dish is very different from the original Mexican dish, although it may contain the same ingredients to some extent.
Similarly, there is also a "new Mexico dish", a regional dish originating in New Mexico and southern Colorado, which is a subset of Mexican dishes.
American cooking.
Mexican cuisine is a mix of all the above
The impact mentioned
However, according to regional differences in Mexico, there is still a diversity of food.
Mexican food varies from region to region and is affected by local climate, geography and ethnic differences among residents.
Northern Mexico is known for its beef and meat dishes, while Southeastern Mexico is known for its spicy vegetables and chicken
Basic preparation.
On the other hand, seafood is usually prepared in Mexican states adjacent to the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.
There are common Mexican dishes here.
We can see that the taste and color of Mexican food are different due to different cultural influences.
Another good reason is the abundance of protein in food.
Come on, seduce your taste buds.
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