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Mettwurst Vs. Bratwurst - most popular side dishes in restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-07
Mettwurst Vs. Bratwurst  -  most popular side dishes in restaurants
German sausages are usually made of pork and beef.
Here, Tastessence tries to eliminate ambiguity by pointing out the main differences between the two.
T means fine-
The minced meat and sausage are sausages.
Mett translates to "minced pork without bacon ".
It is a traditional and pleasant practice to keep the meat into sausage.
Sausage is an important part of German cuisine, with about 1500 different types of sausage to choose from.
Sausage (sausage) is a natural or synthetic casing filled with chopped meat (especially pork ).
There are many varieties of Metts and Brats, and there are many preparation methods.
In addition, they can be matched with other ingredients such as cheese, mustard, bread, etc.
Among the most popular people
After eating sausages, the two look very similar;
They have many common features, but they are actually very different cooking and eating styles, tastes, etc. Ponder on.
Mettwurst is a soft, smearing Rohwurst (raw sausage), a German sausage made of pork, marinated and smoked.
It's stuck in the shell, but it's squeezed out so it can unfold!
Sausage is a unique sausage made of pork, beef and veil.
Usually cooked in broth and beer.
This is the most common and popular of all sausages.
Applying Mettwurst does not require cooking because it is soft in texture and therefore can be eaten raw as well.
The company type of Mettwurst can be roasted, grilled or stewed.
Although there are also precooked sausages in some markets, cooking is required before eating.
It is usually cooked, stewed or fried with a baking pan, water.
There is a very strong fragrance.
Season with pepper and coriander with onion and lentil soup.
Brbratwurst tastes mild and is seasoned with subtle spices such as nutmeg, marjoram, coriander, ginger and sometimes garlic.
Metts can be cooked and eaten like sausages, but can be placed on bread or biscuits because they are soft.
Sausage is usually served in hot places
But can be baked or grilled with mustard, sauerkraut and other salads.
Due to the high moisture content, they have a shorter shelf life.
In contrast, they have a longer shelf life.
Popular Cincinnati mettwurst and tee-
The wurst that can be applied to mettwurst can be replaced.
Âsup Weisswurst, pudding, organic and Bock-
Sausage is a substitute for sausage.
Pair these sausages with sauerkraut, French fries, potato salad, mustard, rolls, tomato sauce or mayonnaise and enjoy a delicious meal!
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