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mekenita restaurant signature dishes italian cuisine characteristics | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
Italy's rich culinary history has evolved with a variety of influences, including geography, topography, climate, and the skills of home chefs to use the ingredients available.
In northern Italy, the winter climate is from cool to very cold.The signature dishes there reflect the richness of this dairyProduced, sometimes mountainous: white truffles with eggs, risotto with delicate broth, creamy corn porridge rich in butter, classic bean soup, it is called sauce e fagi with mixed boiled meat of green and red sauce.The dishes here are very simple to prepare.
Southern Italy is warm and Mediterranean.The food here is delicious, dynamic and tasty.Special dishes are seasoned.For example, seafood salad (insalata di mare), Pizza and PizzaPasta with red sauce, fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese, olives, vanilla and garlic sauce.
In central Italy, the fruity olive oil of Tuscany and Umbria taste elegant, but the countryside and simple food.T-Steak, served with olive oil, pepper and lemon, white beans and garlic, hand bakedIt mainly includes pasta, Parma ham, pasta and pasta.
The sea affects the island's cuisine, with squid with pasta, or something like squid, sardines, pasta, full-bodied Sicily garlic and tomato sauce, and veal with rosemary and garlicRich in flavor, a variety of spices is a sign of Italian island cooking.
Every region loves bread and eats bread for every meal except pasta.Bread is usually eaten without butter, and it is often used to clean up the delicious sauce left on the plate.
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