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Mayfield's Reece Hignell cool as a cucumber in Gordon Ramsay MasterChef challenge - gordon ramsay put dara's dish in his restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-08-24
Mayfield\'s Reece Hignell cool as a cucumber in Gordon Ramsay MasterChef challenge  -  gordon ramsay put dara's dish in his restaurant
At the beginning of the journey, there was a beet caramel that could have been a fiasco, but no.
This dessert makes Mayfield home cooking the top 24.
Now, he is one of the main contenders for the 2018 Champions, and he has an immunity on his sleevexa0In fiery on the left the profound of impressionxa0Chef Gordon Ramsey earlier this month
"It's definitely crazy, but 100 is the best experience I 've ever had so far," highnell told Food & Wine . ".
"It's wise to meet Gordon Ramsey. blowing.
We developed a connection and disconnected-camera a lot.
Hegener, who was born at Belmont hospital and attended Whitebridge High School, is rapidly growing his fan base, but insists he has not competed for fame and fortune.
"When you have a good job and a good income and say 'I am going to work in the kitchen,' it's hard to stop your life," explained the former recruitment consultant . ".
"I need the confidence to do something different.
I want to cut off my relationship with work so that when I go home, I don't go back to my original life.
"I took part in this competition and tried to gain confidence in doing something, and so far I have built confidence that makes me want to go back to my home in Newcastle-I know how to do it in terms of food, the great Newcastle is a part of it.
Highnell's brother has just bought a house in Mayfield with his parents and Nan "living by the Lake.
He had no intention of leaving.
"Chef Newcastle really inspired me.
I have the greatest impact on Leslie Taylor.
"I 've been following her restaurant for a long time and I admire her culinary and culinary mentality," he said . ".
"Be a part of a scenexa0She helped build it. that's what I wanted.
And I want to do activities.
I know I can do it, I just need to go home and start organizing.
I think I'm embarrassed on TV. I'm not the kind of person who can be a reality TV star.
Highnell is right to take pride in his exempt pin.
That means he made the best dish of the day.
Made a professional chef.
But he is still humble.
"xa0The man I beat
Cook me a mile any day of the week.
The chefs came to our site, our kitchen.
We have adapted to the time limit, which is a bit of an advantage for us.
Known for his dessert.
Highnell is eager to show the judges his extraordinary abilities --trick pony.
"I thought very well when I was in the competition --
"But the truth is that you will be silly if you don't take advantage of yourself," he said . ".
"Dessert is definitely my strength and something I want everyone to know about, but I really want to show the judges my diversity.
I want to impress the judges with unique tastes.
Competition can be stressful, but it's like a crash course to build confidence.
I have felt very relaxed and able to think more clearly and be more creative.
That's why I'm helping me at the moment.
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