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making ethnic foods safer - - best low carb restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-15
making ethnic foods safer -  -  best low carb restaurant dishes
One of the wonders of the modern world is that we can enjoy food from other places and times. Books, . . .
TV programs, Internet. . . . . .
Cultural events and ethnic issues. . .
One of the wonders of the modern world is that we can enjoy food from other places and times.
Books, magazines, TV shows, Web searches, community cultural events, and ethnic restaurants are all great sources of food.
There is only one problem in this regard: when mechanization and wealth are not so common, many ethnic foods have their roots.
For our ancestors, it means that the food of survival may lead to premature death of our own.
Even diet laws based on health protection can now cause health problems.
The extension of life expectancy makes this discovery possible.
But curiosity and willingness to experiment can make great changes to great recipes.
Think about examples of these outdated concepts.
One of my nephews is being trained as a French chef.
He was taught that "fat is taste ".
"Salt used to be a preservative that was high in snacks, canned and frozen foods, and many traditional foods.
White bread and rice are favored by the rich as a sign of their wealth.
As a result, the whole grain food has almost disappeared from the "modern" diet in the past few decades.
Sweetness, alcohol and overeating are linked to celebration and luxury, especially in times and areas where hunger is more prevalent.
So more than half of us consume too much refined sugar, alcohol and food.
Spices and herbs are initially added to other foods (especially before cold storage) and can be found in the general grocery store, but too many spices and herbs are filled with salt that is not needed at all.
In fact, the wise use of spices can produce delicious food with low salt content.
If you consume enough calories every day, there is no reason why you can't reduce the fat, salt, sugar and alcohol in your diet and still enjoy the food you eat.
Even athletes and workers who need a lot of calories can get calories from unrefined carbohydrates, not from saturated fat and refined sweeteners.
Essential fatty acids can be found in plant food and fish and meat with four legs. And wise up.
"Low carbon water compound" is "high dumb ".
By the way, the search for good flavor leads to the widespread use of synthetic monosodium MSG.
Government agencies in different countries assure us that MSG is completely safe, but enough of us will feel headache, anxiety, dizziness or emptiness and know it's not true.
Good chef does not need MSG.
So what can we do?
* For ethnic foods that you already like, browse through the ingredients for replacement and deletion.
* For the new experience, pay more attention to the Oriental and Asian recipes instead of the "farmer" or "noble" food from France or Germany.
But don't eat sugar added by missionaries in China, Japan, India, etc.
Therefore, do not add sugar to Italian recipes and other recipes.
* Realize that traditional soy foods can provide all the necessities in meat without having to declare themselves vegetarian.
(But add high calcium if you reduce dairy and meat.
) * It is known that fruit or nut fruit tastes very sweet but provides fibers, minerals and vitamins that are not available at all in artificial sweeteners.
* Avoid fried food.
Learn to use non
Cooking utensils and spray, pressure cooker, microwave oven, tile can, etc.
* Use a new smear without hydrogenation oil, not butter.
For sour cream, use skim yogurt in water or a mixture rich in skim milk powder.
I rarely use cornstarch, but I found that whole wheat flour can also be used as a thickening agent.
* A small pie for fried lean minced beef, or extra hard tofu slices, rather than a fat sausage or bacon.
* Replace lard, Bacon drops, butter with unhardened vegetable oil, and use as little as possible.
* Do not eat ham or bacon pieces when making soup.
Here are some examples of my experiment.
My ex-wife was great while preparing Tex. Mex foods.
For tortillas, she used a mixture produced by a famous American spice company.
When I see (taste) the salt back in the list of ingredients, I volunteer to do it myself.
I got some salt free chili powder, some dried garlic slices and oregano and mixed with a small amount of whole wheat flour.
My version became a favorite for my wife and two teenagers.
I 've written elsewhere about replacing part of lean meat with soy bean curd powder or extra soy tofu, mash it up, put it in a meatloaf, stew, pasta/pasta and mock steak etc. Be inventive.
Enjoy delicious food in a long life.
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