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Make Your Own Homemade Kebab Meat (US Gyro) at Home - best restaurant dishes to make at home

by:Two Eight     2019-09-27
Make Your Own Homemade Kebab Meat (US Gyro)  at Home  -  best restaurant dishes to make at home
In an increasingly frugal world, we have to squeeze every ounce out of the cash we have, and thrift is a new hot word --
For some of us, it means more nights, or cutting corners in the past.
Here's a great kebab/gyro recipe that you can make at home: homemade kebab.
--xa0Instead of spending money on kebabs on the way home (or going out late at night to buy kebabs), why not give this budget recipe a chance to enjoy kebabs for a fraction of the cost.
Once cooked, you can serve it right away or store it in the fridge and heat it up later.
I suggest re-heating it, or 2-
In the microwave for 3 minutes, or in the hot oven with foil wrap for 20-
30 minutes, or you can quickly re-do it with a pan or frying panheat it.
Homemade kebab: Available 4-
Add two pieces of minced meat together.
Add all the dry ingredients together.
Now mix all the ingredients together and make sure all the ingredients are well mixed.
Mix the meat/herbs into a "bread" shape.
If you make it as compact as possible, you will get the best results, so it's better to make it into traditional bread.
Place the meat on the baking tray;
The purpose here is to make the outside Brown, but the center will still be wet and not dry.
Bake in a preheated oven at 340 (175 °c, gas mark 4) for an hour and 20 minutes.
During the cooking process, flip the kebab meatloaf once or twice to make sure it is even Brown.
When it is cooked, you need to slice as thin as possible.
Serve immediately.
In the grill, you will cram the meat into the pita bread with a salad, chili sauce or mayonnaise.
I love my own kebabs or use potato chips/Poe wedges.
If you are going to heat it later in the oven with foil, you may want to not slice it until you do so, however, if you heat it in a microwave or pan/frying pan, then you can slice it right away.
If you put it in the fridge, wrap it up so it will keep the taste and moist.
If you want to reduce the cooking time, then don't cook it as a meatloaf shape, scrape it thin once it's done, why not make the meat into a short or long sausage shape, and then eat the skewers as big pieces of meat?
It was easier and it became a great party snack too!
Add kebabs to pitta bread and mayonnaise, chili sauce or mint sauce.
Put the kebab in the flat bread, put the flat bread down, spray the sauce on it, put a thin layer of cabbage Silk, sliced onion and salad in the middle of the flat bread, and then put your kebab on it, wrap up as a kebab.
I hope you like this.
To make this recipe easier
Hurry up, why not mix the spices and put them in a jar full of spices --
Then simply shake the jar and scoop out the quantity you want in a simple action.
To do this, simply multiply the ingredients above by 4 and you will have enough homemade kebab meat seasoning to reproduce four batches in the next few weeks.
To use this mixture in the recipe above, all you need to do is scoop out the 1/4 pot!
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