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make your own ceramic dinnerware making your own beer stein -

by:Two Eight     2019-06-07
Beer distillers of all shapes and sizes.The story of historical events is traditionally told.But steins evolved just like everything else.Cyclists are riders who make for the bike ride they want to commemorate.
Sports fanatics prepared them for their team.Animal lovers use them as their favorite animals.There are all kinds of things now, and there is no reason why a person cannot be personalized.
A person's name, military unit, membership or website is a good idea to personalize beer Stan.But you may have to do it yourself.This is not difficult, there are several ways.I remember sitting in the shop with my mom a few years ago doing ceramics.
I made myself a coffee cup and she made me an Eagle light.She does a lot more than that, but I only want these two things.We ordered the mold from the catalog.So, this will be a beer Stan in this case.
For ceramics, you may get a beer mug, and in order for it to be a beer stein, you have to add a lid to it.There should be plenty of options for any ceramic shop.On that day, we will scratch where the parties gather.
This will create a smooth seam that will never be visible to the naked eye.The mold will then be burned for about three days.This hardens the molds, so they are easier to handle, but allows them to remain porous when decorating.
Once the bisque launch is complete.
You can decorate it.
With glaze, you can spray, brush or sponge on your beer stein in a variety of colors and designs.The template works great if you know how to handle it.Let your computer do most of the work.For most of my image work, I use the free software GIMP because it has the power of being comparable to Photoshop.
So, get the image you want and then do the rest with GIMP.This is a simple process of making templates.With GIMP, you can use the selection tool that allows you to choose by color.
Just place the cursor on the color and select.Each pixel of the same color in the image will be selected.If you can see my progress on this, you can see how easy it is to use templates.
Draw your beer stein in the background color you want.Then, start with the template.Create layers for templates using computers and printers.All you need to do is select each color of the image.
If you have a very detailed image, you may have to be freehand.However, most unit badges, college mascots, member icons can be easily completed in about three or four layers.More layers are needed for other more detailed pictures.
After selecting the color on the image, use ctrl x to remove the color from the base image.Open a new image to blank it.Fill it with a color that contrasts with the color you removed from the first image.For example, if all white pixels are removed from the base image, fill the new image with black to have visible contrast.
Paste the color onto the new image using ctrl z and save it as a new image.jpg.Let your base image lose color as you go.This way you can keep track of which layers you also need to create.Select the layer by following the steps above, create a new layer for each color, then remove it from the base image and transfer it to the new image.
Save as template 2.
jpg, Stencil3.
Jpg etc until you completely delete all the colors in the base image and create a template for each of them in your own image.Print each template.For each image, focus on the color represented by the stencil.Cut out by carving a blade with a sharp angle or something of similar quality to handle precise details.
You're ready to paint.
Place the first layer on Stein and spray or brush the appropriate color glaze on the ceramic.Allow drying before applying the next layer.Make sure to place the next layer in exactly the same position as the first.
You may need to find a temporary way to mark where the template belongs.Transparent tape can provide a good guide.This is the way to do an image of the symbol or badge you want on stein.
Of course, if you want, you can paint your Stan as freehand.The template is just one way to make it as accurate as possible.Once you glaze your entire ceramic Stein, it needs to be lit again.
This is the so-called glaze firing, which makes the glaze ceramic.You can have a smooth finish if you want, and the glaze firing makes it look very professional.So, if you can't find the Stein you like, or if you have a Stein in your heart that doesn't seem to exist, it's a great way to make your own Stein with ceramics.
Ceramics are fun and a great way to get anything in the design you want.I'll look around first because almost everything is on Stan these days
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