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made in us dinnerware porcelain made in china -

by:Two Eight     2019-08-22
made in us dinnerware porcelain made in china -
Here's the recipe for a disaster: China and other Asian countries are under pressure from rising inflation at home and are forced to raise prices for all the goods we buy at Wal-Mart
But it's not high enough to encourage us to compete again.
This will be the formula for runaway inflation and shrinking employment, or a perfect storm of stagflation.
The big problem with this scenario is that we can't solve this problem!
In the past, with interest rates rising and money supply decreasing, stagflation will eventually be settled by itself as we finally produce more, but this time, as the price increase has nothing to do with our domestic production or money supply, we have no control over our own destiny.
China has a large portion of the government debt (how much we have increased to maintain our high leverage level ). on-the-hog-
Living standards improve when other countries around the world are cheerfully lending us money), if China decides to cash its chips and replace debt with euros or something, the dollar will sink faster than the Titanic.
So we can't be too rough with China, which can now be considered a local banker with our mortgages.
I'm afraid we have reached the top of the mountain. now we have all gone down the mountain.
Due to the support and credit of the poor workers overseas, our good life is possible, so it is borrowed time.
We might as well face it;
The world is becoming calm.
Every country that wants to participate is now trading with others, which means that whoever can produce a particular commodity or service most effectively wins.
If they have a billion people, the labor force will be cheap.
If they have smart people
Scientists and engineers will excel in technology.
If they have raw materials or oil, they will get rich in this way.
As far as America is concerned, there is only one area where we will certainly do very well and not in technology, because our education system has been abandoned halfway since we went bankrupt.
It will not be used in oil or manufacturing because of our limited labor force.
It is incredible that it will be in the field of agriculture.
Long after our manufacturing and technology have disappeared, we will become the world's vegetable basket due to our natural vast plains, our perfect weather, water and agricultural methods.
America will change.
The only thing that can effectively prevent nuclear war is free trade, which is flat water.
Globalization is more than just onephrase.
The United States no longer produces electronic products, shoes, clothes, or other products we have previously produced.
We can't compete at all.
From immigration, trade policy to militarisation, this is performed in many ways every day on the world stage and in the halls of Congress.
In China and Russia, the development of nuclear weapons has made war unthinkable.
This war will not solve our problems.
It will be painful that we will have to pay off our debts.
Now think about the humble monks and nuns of so many of our religious traditions.
They need little, just a warm and dry place to sleep, some simple food, maybe some medicine and help when they get sick, and their beliefs.
That's what we should expect-a quiet place to sleep, some food, health care, education for our children, and our beliefs.
These are the basic elements that all industrialized countries should insure their citizens, regardless of their social status, because this is enough for faith-based spiritual people.
They can be happy about it.
Jesus will be happy about it.
This is the spiritual life.
There is only one solution to the problem we are about to face-simplify our lives and find our beliefs.
We need to make sure that everyone, all of our brothers and sisters, has basic things.
No one left behind in basic food, shelter and health care.
To ensure that every child, regardless of their skin color or identity, can receive the same education as others throughout the university and be funded by all of us, that is, the government, instead of being charged too much interest rates by some opportunistic lending companies to put our children on debt for a lifetime.
Big businesses are killing the lives of truly spiritual people.
Health care, college loans, tuition fees, medicines are now a matter of money and profit, not of people.
We are off track.
If we don't simplify it, go back to the basic principles,
How will we survive?
Because of our distorted values and egoism, and because we never have enough, we will definitely fight each other.
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