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low fat italian dishes restaurants stop binge eating: deal with your afternoon cravings!

by:Two Eight     2019-07-31
As long as I can remember, I 've been fighting munchies at four o'clock P.M. for a long time.I 've tried a lot of ways to stop it, but the best advice I get in the end is to stick with it.Don't be like giving in to the vision of chocolate and chips, but do it according to the natural tendency of my body to want food at that time of day.When it comes to eating at certain times, I find eating six small meals a day and listening to the natural clues of the body is the best for me.It can help balance my energy levels and give me the best performance against overeating.I 've been trying to skim my snacks over the years to lose extra weight, but somehow it always excites me: no matter how much food I eat at lunch, by four o'clock P.M, I will try to satisfy my desire.
Now, I know I'm not alone.I heard the same complaint from my working friend.A good friend told me that she arrived at the vending machine on time at four o'clock P.M. every day.What puzzles her is that her days are always so good at the beginning: cereal for breakfast, Asian sandwiches or salads for lunch, and then boom!At about four o'clock P.M., she went to the vending machine in spite of everything and ate several candy bars.Snacks can be so real for some of us who work from home.No matter what you're doing, doing laundry room that will never end, liking those little guys, or typing on a laptop, you won't be immune.Smart people tell me that it is important for our health and mental health to keep our energy levels stable.Only by eating a small amount of healthy food regularly can this be truly achieved.So eating, hunger, vomiting, and overeating all put us on a roller coaster, which would make us ashamed.Energy levels are rising and collapsing, emotions are spreading all over the place, and our health is in serious danger.So maybe you want to "go" with me for a while.Follow your body's signals and get ready to eat your favorite snacks at four o'clock P.M., but it also helps balance your energy levels.Here are some of the things you need to do when snacks hit: 1.Try drinking water, you may just be dehydrated.Get moving!Exercise is another huge source of energy and you may just be bored or need some fresh air.Going to the gym at four o'clock P.M. actually helped me overcome the huge craving for carbs in season 3.Make sure you add enough thin protein and whole grains to your lunch, otherwise you will starve to death in a few hours.Check yourself to see if there is something that distracts you or makes you anxious.Try to play music while lying in bed or sitting in your favorite chair.Talk to God or wait in front of him.After all, your desire may have nothing to do with hunger.If this happens every day, it is advisable that your body may need nutrition at that time of day.But plan ahead and have a bright mid-termDine every afternoon, which will relax you and prevent overeating during lunch time.You might just be exhausted and take a nap.20 minutes of sleep) will cheer you up!7.Make sure you really need to eat, wait a few minutes and do something that consumes your mind, like reading, chatting with friends or taking a shower.The urge to swallow may disappear!Things not to do: 1.Go shopping at the grocery store when you have snacks.Watch mid-afternoon TV.All food ads bring more desire!3.Eat high-sugar, high-salt, high-fat snacks.This will not satisfy you, but will increase your desire to eat grass all the time before you go to bed (trust me, I know ).Move in the direction of the vending machine when the clock rings 4!Good snacks to avoid four o'clock P.M. Snacks: Fresh or dried fruits, low-fat granola, whole wheat bread with peanut butter and sliced bananas, cereal with low-fat milk, vegetable/bean soup, pretzels and low-fat cheese, low-fat popcorn and a small amount of nuts, Pitta bread hummus if you know this is your problem and you have tried countless times to stop overeating without success, then it may be time for you to ask someone for help.Please take a look at my online program for women who struggle with food and find ways to stop overeating and break this vicious circle forever.I know the feeling of failure and loneliness, I want to help you.
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