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by:Two Eight     2019-07-31
Joey Atlas forgot to count calories.Heat transfer is more important than calorie count to eat a nutritious, low-calorie diet that promotes healthy weight and optimal fitness --At the same time, trying to keep your daily calorie intake at the right level for your own goals (usually fat/weight loss) can be one of the most difficult juggling moves to master.Working with many customers with a variety of daily habits and patterns --I realize that in order to achieve healthy nutrition and weight management, a lot of people can benefit from "transferring calories" rather than just counting calories.Depending on the time you wake up in the morning-Starting your day with breakfast may not be the ideal way to start meeting your daily nutritional needs.Now, I know that this is against the conventional advice, but please read on to fully understand that this method applies to the calculation of calories.I have worked with clients before and the first thing they do in the morning is try to have breakfast (in multiple forms and variants) and they will find, doing so will make them more hungry for the rest of the day, often leading to an increase in daily calorie intakeEnough to lead to long-term weight gain.Some people get up early, start the day for breakfast, and eat better all day.Usually, these types of people, while eating healthy food, consume too many calories throughout the day, either have difficulty losing weight or continue to gain weight.Now, for the Heat Transfer part.To keep it simple, we will talk about diet transfer (not calorie transfer)But understand that a meal is made up of calories.For those who find it a challenge to limit their daily calorie intake, this is a simple strategy --It is to push back the time of the first meal.Let's call it breakfast, though some may find it odd to have breakfast at 10: 30 or eleven o'clock A.M.So instead of having a normal breakfast at 6: 30 or eight o'clock A.M., you postpone it for a few hours --Your normal lunch timeIn fact, you're likely to move 300.500 (probably more) calories, and taken later, may be 3 or 4 hours later than normal.Below is what happens to most people I use this method to guide.They find that they will not starve for a hearty lunch (which will also be delayed for a few hours --About two o'clock P.M. (give or take 30 minutes ).Also, at dinner time, when most people are self-destructing until they go to bed, they are not greedy for having snacks after dinner.So, the result of this dietary shift is a reduction in "over-active appetite "--Not a bad decrease, but a healthy decrease.A person who is very helpful in preventing excessiveFill your stomach and exceed their daily calorie needs.Let's back it up a little.If dinner time is a challenge then this shift in diet can help you reduce the urge to eat after work, let you better control the amount of food you put on your plate and the number of calories you put into your plate.Therefore, "calorie transfer" also helps those who eat snacks every few hours once they start eating.When you start eating in the morning, you postpone --You can also postpone the snack time you enjoyYou can actually reduce your total amount of snacks per day to 2 or 3 instead of 5 or 6 (including your after-meal snacks ).When everything is said and done, if you start breakfast early, you end up eating fewer calories than you.Common "side effects" of this strategy are increased energy, reduced swelling and stomach discomfort, improved sleep patterns and a number of other factors.Hmmm -I wonder why?There are several factors in this calorie-based fatLoss strategies that need attention.The type of food you choose, the amount of food you choose, and the awareness that you need fewer calories than you think to achieve the best features of the day.I also realized that this could run counter to "you will turn off your metabolism by starving yourself!\" crowd.But believe me, it's far from starving yourself.I tell you directly because this is the way I help many people control their nutrition, weight and fitness --This is how I manage my daily nutrition and my metabolism is burning all the time.The most important thing isYou can do the same.----------------------------------------------------Joe Atlas, MSThe physical activity of Amazon.Author of Com's best-seller, healthy obesity, and author of the women's family exercise program.See more free tips and articles from Joey.
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