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long and tedious to wash dishes in a restaurant 6 tips for a quick after-dinner clean-up -

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
You are the host of a family party, birthday or any other event where you will be responsible for preparing a delicious dinner that will make guests feel at home and, of course, cleaning afterwards?You can't schedule an "emergency" home cleaning visit and you have to deal with the mess yourself?To optimize the process and save time for tired scrubbing and disinfection, please follow the tips below to make your restaurant clean quickly.Make sure you have a container for leftoversYou 'd better prepare a suitable container to store the leftovers before the event starts.You can buy a zip lock bag and pack a piece of cake for your guests to take home, if you wish, instead of throwing away edible food.
Handle dirty dishes right away-Washing dishes is probably one of the most tedious chores, but if you ever try to do dishes with dry food, you have to know how important it is to wash dishes immediately after dinner.If you don't have a dishwasher and you're too tired to wash it by hand, you can put them the next morning.However, make sure you soak them in a bucket of hot water where you dissolve a few drops of liquid.
Check for stainsIf you notice huge food or wine stains on the tablecloth, the worst thing you can do is leave it until the next day.Treat the stain immediately with the right detergent.If you don't, you can at least Sprinkle some salt or liquid on greasy stains.
Clean when you go.
Don't leave the empty plates on the table.For example, if you see that the mashed potato bowl is empty or that your guest is already eating dessert, you can simply throw it in the sink in the kitchen.Ask for help from guestsDepending on the occasion and your relationship with the guests, it may not be appropriate to ask them to clean up the plates.
If everyone throws leftovers into the designated container and leaves the plates in the sink, then the entire cleaning process will take less time --Spend for youThe last Polish-Once you wash the dishes and remove the stains, it's time to restore your dining area to its original spotless state.Don't forget to vacuum the floor and dust the surface.Last but not least, you can always ask professional household cleaners for help.
There must be a reputable company in your area, and if you have ever used this service, you know that the attention of professionals to detail can make your restaurant cleaner than before the event
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