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by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
Have you ever thought about whether you are the kind of person who is financially successful in owning your own business?Most people have one way or another.In fact, I hear people tell me almost every day how eager they are to have their own business.However, the problem is that when allowed to elaborate on their dreams, these people usually share their feelings about the current fate, the boss, the place of work in life, and other team members;It is through these rambling discussions that I have enough to understand the real way in which they operate.
I can have a very solid feeling about whether these people are cut from the fabric of the entrepreneur.Many people continue to talk aimlessly about their boss "not knowing how to run a business" or their "workplace is an absolute train accident "."Their verbal remarks about" dirty bathrooms, high food costs, theft of crew members and low morale of staff "flood --Of course, they deny any responsibility for all of this;But if they own the place, they say "things will definitely be different ".
Let me state that I do not believe that if you do not have a record of long-term success, you can become a successful owner of any type of business in your current or previous workplace.In reality, developing and cultivating ownership mentality for many years is one of the key factors to become a real business owner in the future.Part of this mindset is to combine passion and intensity with a prerequisite understanding of the value of the dollar --Even if it's not yours.
This enables a person to grow into a giant with his own business.For me, I started my company with a return on investment that was 87 years back in July 19.At that time, I was working in a chain restaurant, a W-2 employee.
I worked 50-They work 60 hours a week;In the meantime, do what I can to work on my new start --up business.Needless to say, as I do my "day-to-day work" better, I put more time, money and energy into developing all I want to be --time gig -my own company.Many years have passed and I continue to accept any decent W-Two positions I came-I have been learning, growing and saving.
This allows me to provide food for my young family while I seize every opportunity to create a bigger and better future that I desire.There is no doubt that I have worked long and hard to create my own "American Dream" and I have done everything I can to achieve it.But let's make it clear...Even though I have an equity in return on investment (which, in my opinion, was worthless at the time), I also "own" the restaurants I run for my employer and clients.
I "have" these decisions.
The way I run my business is to "own ".
I "own" the result-Just like I have a return on investment.At these early stages of my development and company development, I realized that in many cases, employees, managers, district managers who work for these companies actually make more profit than the equity owners themselves.Equity ownership is just a legal distinction, and while it sounds great, for a person's career in the industry of his choice, the ownership mentality --Including those with whom he chose to share his blood, sweat and tears --Yes, many times, it's worth more.
There is no doubt that I made a bunch of mistakes along the way;But, over time, developing this ownership mentality in any restaurant and bar I came into contact with has become better.Although the equity is owned by others, the ownership mentality is mine.I try to be the best restaurant operator in the world.
I think the company or client is just an investor;Any performanceI'm from Wise.I operate like the company borrowed money from the bank on my behalf so that I can flow with customers and cash.Moreover, whether it is high water level or high water level, I will push the results and performance to the highest level in history;So winning my salary, my bonus, my benefits, and most importantly, my education and my money allows me to increase my return on investment.
This is obviously a win-win situation.
Win for all interested parties;But in my mind it's the absolute most I get or lose and I won't let those golden opportunities slip away from me.I understand that in any business effort, a key component of maintaining and growing ownership of equity in real life is that one has to start with hands-onon, day-to-Day ownership mentality-Willing and able to participate in daily operations.Until today, I understand and believe that the great boss will not let go of the driver's seat, nor will he remove his feet from the accelerator of their own business;He or she runs the best business while keeping both handson approach -No matter how big or successful he or she becomes, win!There are exceptions, of course, but few.
There is not enough risk to roll the dice.Of course, my entire career was spent within the restaurant and bar industry, so I decided to create a simpleto-Learn the formula for people who run restaurants or multiple restaurants and learn how to best create an infrastructure that will stand the test of time.I call it the "rule of 56: in order to maintain a strong ownership mentality, a single unit restaurant or large restaurant company must be divided into 56 parts "--My micro-management versionI guess there are about 56 different management functions in a restaurant.
Procurement, operation, human resources, marketing, etc.(The specific list varies depending on who you ask ).If you want to have this situation, decisions, and results, then it is better for you to decide which features have the greatest impact on the overall success of the business;And then, essentially, CherrySelect what you want to deal with and delegate someone else.
By taking this ownership mindset, you can achieve the best results that others can only hope.Why is this number 56 so important?Because in addition to dividing each restaurant into 56 parts, I also think that one person can't go through more than 56 different restaurants in charge, effectively manage any large restaurant company at any time and to any extent;In addition, when distributed in eight direct reports, the 56 locations were best managed, with each direct report overseeing seven locations.I saw rare examples when I was successful, but, even then, performance was greatly hampered.
I created and used these road rules throughout 1990.While everyone else seems to be promoting individual empowerment, I'm teaching, training and motivating micro-management.I find that through micro-management I can control performance, which proves to be a key component of any entrepreneur's efforts to succeed.
In fact, it is this "secret formula" that drives my entire career, if you wish, and with countless others, I am happy to share more than 25 years with them.Usually, when I see the ownership of the failureWhether it's in fairness or mentality, I can point out that the formula is missing one or more elements, which is why they fail --Even the simplest form.Once you get great in managing some elements, you can take on more things, and so on.
Therefore, when you have mastered the management of each of the 56 elements of the restaurant, your ownership mentality and control will expand;And, with it, you are also most likely to increase your income, of course.So the key is to understand what you and yourself are personally good at, and then connect it with things that are critical to the business success of your industry --Whether or not your name is on a physical document, a bank loan, or an insurance policy.There is no doubt that over the years I have a much higher ownership mentality of their restaurants and bars than my clients --Owners and managers themselves.
Of course, this method requires me to be in a day's operations, marketing, HR and financial performance related to each business --Many people don't want to do that, but frankly, these are my favorite parts, so it's a "win-win"win\" for me.Over the 25 + years I have done this, I have entered into many handshake agreements (I believe there are at least 56) where I have provided countless hours of work and expertise to do this, my effortsEarn money, give those who need it, get their restaurant openGet back on track from the ground or their restaurant.
Every time I say the same thing, "after a long time since I left, after all, it was said and done, after you made this restaurant a great financial success, I hope you can write a check for part of my ownership.\ "Sadly, I have not received a check in the mail so far;But that doesn't get in the way of me because I "own" those restaurants --All 56 parts.It is with this ownership mindset that I start to focus on my restaurants, customers, staff and financial performance every day.
There is no other way to do business for me: I can have it too, or forget about it...I will not forget it soon
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