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list of crockery items for restaurant checklist for lunch buffet for 100 people | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-29
Set up a buffet table for your guests for their own convenience.Arrange your choice so that guests can access both sides of the table, which will speed up service by £ 100.Keep in mind that since lunch is usually a simple meal, there are only a few options to choose from.
Follow this list to make sure you have everything you need for a successful buffet lunch.Your menu should include the main course, two side dishes, salad, rolls or breads and desserts.A menu of fried chicken, broccoli, potato salad, salad and pie will serve a balanced lunch.
For 100 people provide 75 pounds of chicken, 30 pounds of broccoli, 14 pounds of salad vegetables, 3 gallon half of potato salad, 9 play Rolls and 16 a 8-One-inch pie is recommended.If all your guests are male, increase the number by 10%.You need to heat the tray to keep the hot main course at the appropriate temperature.
Pliers, spoons and forks are provided.
Arrange plates, cutlery and napkins at the beginning of the buffet table.Your guests can collect their own location settings before continuing the buffet.You should set up a location for 120 to allow guests who may self serve for a second time.
Drinks include coffee, hot tea, iced tea and lemonade.Recommend ice tea or lemonade from 6 to 8 gallons, about 30 coffee and/or tea.120 Cup coffee mixer, cream, sugar, lemon slices and sweeteners are also provided.
You need a gallon of salad sauce and 100 pieces of butter.You also need 120 dessert plates and forks
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