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list of chinese restaurant dishes the basic facts of chinese cooking -

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
What are you thinking when you hear the word "Chinese cooking?There are many kinds of food, and the taste is delicious!This is not wrong.Of all the Asian dishes, Chinese food is the most popular.Chinese restaurants are spread all over the country.
We can find a Chinese restaurant easily.
Chinese cooking style is a combination of various aspects related to geography, history and even culture.Therefore, Chinese cooking is a harmonious fusion of taste, aroma, color and shape.Chinese cuisine is very diverse for the cooking process, from simple to complex ingredients and spices and cooking techniques are an amazing process.
This method uses a large number of methods such as cooking, stewing, frying, steaming, crispy, roasting, cooking, etc.Many Chinese dishes are prepared with a small, store-minded --Or a more famous one of them.Usually served as breakfast or brunch.Small size, easy to pick up with chopsticks.
Some foods, like fish, are Whole Foods.
visitors who want to participate only need to break the fruit with chopsticks and eat it directly.Some of the most popular and popularFavorite Chinese cuisine includes: noodles (fried and plain), fried dishesFried vegetables, dumplings (fried, roasted or as part of a dish of soup), soy milk hot pot, Peking duck, sticky foodIs the meat sweet or good?Fill or apply fillings such as fillings, steamed buns, rice, pickles, boiled eggs, seasoned tofu, rice porridge, tea, etc
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