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Lionfish Facts - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Lionfish Facts  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Vivid striped body, gorgeous chest fins and long chest fins, toxic fin rays, invasive nature, and more. . .
There is no shortage of interesting facts about the spectacular appearance of the lion fish species recently notorious for invading the East Coast of the United States.
Native habitat for lion fish spans rock cracks and coral reefs in IndiaPacific waters;
Today, however, they can also be found on the east coast of the United States.
While it is unclear how they found them there, it is speculated that some specimens released by certain aquariums have begun to breed in these warm waters.
Lion Fish is a fish of the genus pterosaur.
A poisonous fish native to India.
Especially in the Pacific.
There are nine different species of lion fish. ).
Although the lion fish may look spectacular, it is also deadly.
Its fins are sharp like needles, and they use them to inject a powerful venom into their predators.
When it feels threatened, it uses its venom as a purely defensive mechanism.
In terms of catching prey, it relies on lightning-like rapid response and camouflage.
Adult lionfish use their unique pecs to attract prey.
Once the prey is within reach, they swallow it in a single action.
Although not very unique, this hunting method is very successful in areas where lion fish is not
Native species as native populations are not used to this trap.
Lion fish may be one of the world's most poisonous fish, but it is not considered a threat to humans.
Humans are exposed to this species during fishing and diving.
Although its venom is not fatal to humans, it can cause extreme pain, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other similar systemic problems in humans.
The fish, with its spiny light and bright stripes, is one of the most striking aquatic animals.
You may not be surprised when you see them isolated from their natural habitat, but their colorful appearance helps them blend with most coral reefs.
) Found in the Indian Ocean and in the western Pacific, is the only species of spiny lionfish with no signature marks.
Lion fish are mainly hunted during the day, and they hide under the small underwater caves and ledge at night.
They mainly serve small varieties of crabs, shrimps and other fish.
It was waiting for the food to come, and when they did, the fish swallowed them all.
The largest species of lionfish can grow to 16 inch (42 cm) long, and the smallest is only 2 inch (6. 2 cm).
On average, the length of an adult lionfish is 13 inch (38 cm) and weighs about 1-2 lbs.
Their average life span in the wild is about 15 years.
While adult lionfish are solitary creatures, it is well known that young people live together.
Over time, they became highly territorial and did not even hesitate to compete with the rest of their group to occupy and/or defend their territory.
Although lionfish is considered a delicacy in some countries, it is very valuable in the aquarium trade, mainly because of its spectacular appearance.
There are a variety of types in the aquarium store, such as radial lion fish, Earth Altar lion fish, etc.
One of the most popular species is the altar.
The population of its natural habitat is healthy and is in fact growing.
However, the United States raised concerns because, in the view of some, such
Indigenous fish can be dangerous to the environment or to humans.
Organizations like NOAA, USGS and REEF are working on the removal of the invading lion fish.
The environment organization has held the lion fish removal competition, and removing this invasive lion fish is not an easy task to encourage people to participate in the work.
The contest "collecting and handing in the most lion fish" organized by the Coral Reef Environmental Education Forum (REEF) with the upper key is an example.
Although lionfish is one of the most poisonous fish, researchers are still very interested due to its unique appearance and habits.
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