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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - made in england porcelain dinnerware

by:Two Eight     2019-09-07
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR  -  made in england porcelain dinnerware
In a recent letter, I quoted what my grandfather had said.
"If your expenses exceed your income, your maintenance will lead to your failure ".
A friend reminded me that Charles Dickens used a similar quote in his novel David Copperfield.
Said Mr. Micawber to David.
Mr. Micawber said: "My other suggestion is Copperfield, with an annual income of 20 pounds and an annual expenditure of 19 pounds, 19 shillings and six pence, with the result of happiness.
Annual income is 20 pounds and annual expenditure is 20 pounds and sixpence, causing pain ".
Politicians should listen to suggestions and the public should understand them.
The Prime Minister's wet lettuce approach to roasting banks at a Senate hearing is indeed rewarding for ordinary people.
When the banking sector faced a real threat from the investigation, they immediately passed the rate cut.
Now, there's no urgency when they're laughing all the time, well, all the way to the bank.
Just received our annual council rate payment notice and I was surprised to see 2016-
2017 the title of the initial section is: "Airport rate equivalent payment update ".
This section states that "cooperation with the new government will continue to address this issue ".
As all North Midlands taxpayers have added a penalty percentage to the annual rate on the airport rate issue (the council has tried to recover the assumed Airport rate outstanding plus 12.
A fine of 5 cents in three years), which in itself seems to be completely illegal.
Why is it now allowed to add this to the taxpayer's annual rate bill while making an application to the airport and seeking federal assistance?
How many "annual bills" the council needs to pay for these so-called "unpaid airport fees ".
With the second fine system now established and implemented by the North Midlands Parliament in order to collect what should be unpaid from Launceston Airport, where will this end?
Twenty,xa030 or even 100 this cumulative fine system may apply at any stage under this Council/system, all at the expense of taxpayers.
It doesn't seem important to be professional or unprofessional.
Does this North Midlands Commission restrict the imposition of additional annual penalties on taxpayers whenever they wish?
I am "unhappy ".
August 3) hope we believe that his main concern for what he said about peaceful protests is the illegal fine of $3000.
I'm sure a lot of people will agree that what you and your fellow demonstrators are doing is trying to intimidate the staff and patients at the clinic.
If your motivation is for the laws enacted by our government, then your malice should definitely be directed against the government.
Protest outside government buildings or members of Parliament's office instead of harassing people who have already been under great emotional pressure.
I recently bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner, a whole new concept of a vacuum cleaner --
Sir James Dyson (now Lord Dyson) invented it.
I thought it was made in the UK, not in Malaysia.
Unlike China or Indonesia, Malaysia is at least a member of the Commonwealth.
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