Lesley Chestermans favourite Montreal restaurant dishes of 2018 - most unhealthy chain restaurant

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Lesley Chesterman's favourite Montreal restaurant dishes of 2018 - most unhealthy chain restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-12
Lesley Chesterman\'s favourite Montreal restaurant dishes of 2018  -  most unhealthy chain restaurant dishes
This year, Montreal's diners put a lot on their plates, and the top dishes are often unpredictable.
These are the most amazing things for Leslie Chesterman.
You 've really ordered hundreds of dishes this year, consumed and analyzed, and every bite has the hope of eating something extraordinary, spectacular --dare I say it? —epic.
The truth is that you will be lucky to get something delicious and more often you will get something good.
Not every Netflix series is a winner, not every friend is a breeder, and not every red wine goes with red meat.
If everything is good, then this over-used adjective loses its meaning.
To really enjoy the spectacular view, we need mediocre people, the former is a mile heavier than the latter when it comes to restaurant meals.
But when you touch your eyebrows
How exciting the dish is!
So, what makes a dish great?
The quality of the ingredients begins, then skilled cooking
Balanced seasoning and interesting texture. Well thought-
No accompaniment is the key, and with the appearance of clichés, the beautiful presentation attracts the eyes before the taste.
Creativity is not a must, but it usually results in higher scores when it is added to the equation.
What is the score in 2018?
Surprisingly, vegetable dishes and cocktails are the most competitive categories, but also the ones that receive the most attention --
Overall, this is an unexpected mix of flavors and a showcase of the Art section.
The foie gras is back to life, burrata is still the choice of cheese, and the desserts are particularly delicate --
It was only a few miles from yesterday's wet and cold tartare and cheesecake.
There is almost no pork on the Montreal menu, and guinea hens, quail and rabbits seem to be relics of the past --
It's a pity that all the meat is delicate and local.
But what we're seeing now is dishes with so many elements that the old meat/starch/vegetable trio is disappearing into the memory bank.
You may see hummus rather than potatoes these days, and in a large salad a Tartar man plays very little and replaces butter sauce with seasoned yogurt.
The dishes are either bold, have an ingredient in the spotlight, or are picky because the taste and style are mixed together and the result is surprising.
With the influence from all over the world, eating out is more of a discovery night than ever before.
Among the restaurant dishes I 've tasted this year, there's something that makes me think, makes me crave more, and when no one looks at it, lick my plate clean.
Petit CocktailLe mussotto Emir Archambault builds the qui of the "golden wine/esperette pepper/herbal" cocktail-
Made in order to match the quitif Amermelade with the Quebec gin, the pepper syrup, the Montague petals and the pieces made of dried raspberries.
This definitely sets the standard for the next spectacular meal.
Carrot entertainment in flintante
Bouche: contrast texture.
Montreal Gazette document entertainment-
The tasting menu of Flole Flottante includes a delicious carrot cake with carrot chips, carrot sauce and a cream ice cream.
The cake is thick and wet, and the other carrots taste good.
Dip sauce and salad platter from Tangia: greedily sucked in.
John Mahoney/Montréal Gazette record that the best way to start dinner in Donia is a dish of dipping sauce and salad and hummus.
Walnut red pepper salad, lemon beet salad, tahiny and pomegranate eggplant, tchoutchouka-
Slow sauce with a little green pepper and lots of tomatoes
Cook into a smooth dip
Greedily sucked in, as well as homemade rolls and the triangle of Sephardic --
Jewish mofletta pie.
Rabbit rillettes in Monarque: enough meat and fat.
A summary of the documents of Pierre obendourf/Montreal Gazette is an appetizer on the Monarque menu, complete with fans of beets, hazelnuts and pickled onions.
Rillettes are meat, shiny and fat enough to keep them consistent in dispersion.
The accompaniment remains simple and makes the human shine. Superb.
Pastel mosaic on foie gras cream: beautiful and clever ideas.
Alan mackinnes/Montreal Gazette Pastel offalat Pastel, the most beautiful dish on the menu --
One of the most delicious food
It is a mosaic of red beets, pears and hazelnuts, as well as mint leaves and petals arranged on a small piece of foie gras cream.
Not only is it beautiful, but it is cleverly conceived, and all the ingredients are magically paired with the sweet liver.
Also from the liver category are the silky mousse of little Musso with fermented elder wood and purple clover (oxalis).
It comes with a basket of perfect country bread, which is also used-house.
Talk about your classic dishes in the case of a reboot
The ethereal mousse is light and rich in taste.
De foie de volaille of Le Petit Musso: super smooth.
The "pallotte cacio e uova" of Alan mackinnes/Montreal Gazette document, described by the waiter as meatless meatballs, is a tour.
This mix of breadcrumbs, eggs and Parmesan cheese is not only because the dumplings are so delicious, but also because the vibrant tomato sauce has the ideal porridge --like texture.
The Meatless Meatballs tour of Impasto.
The small plates on Alan mackinnes/Montreal Gazette are the best, and a large tomato is placed on a homemade licota bed.
Tomatoes are seasoned with honey, oregano and peanuts.
It's a strange combination, of course, but how delicious.
The taste is subtle and the texture is interesting.
L'epicepiceux's smoked tomato: The taste is subtle.
The heir tomato salad by John Mahoney/Montréal Gazette documents is made of baby basil, kombucha and feta cream.
Every mouthful of tomatoes is covered with Sumai. the taste is ripe fruit, but the taste is still strong.
Spice adds such an original touch.
I still dream of tasting the hot patatas bravas in ibricos with a scoop of homemade mayonnaise and another scoop of tomato/garlic/smoked chili bravas sauce. So good!
SeafoodPigor's spinach risotto, mixed with shrimp, aioli and Parmesan cheese, is excellent.
The rice grains are emerald green with a large number of shellfish dotted with a layer of fresh herbs and green plants.
Risotto has recently become a dead dish in the restaurant, but this version has revived the classic Italian restaurant.
Pork ribs from Melisse: juicy pork.
The document editing of Pierre obindau/Montréal Gazette is still very popular this year, the best I have ever tasted is atlilisse, his Gaspor platoon skeleton is painted on
When I picked up the ribs, the bones fell off the meat and left a fork of the most juicy pork.
The accompanying coleslaw is described as "classic", but this version is more refined than any version I have ever tasted.
Pea soup for La Cabane d a cote: lots of enhancements.
Peter McCabe/sister restaurant in cabane, Montreal gazetouououupthe Au Pied de Villon, La Cabane d'a c Petit é provided on its sugar juice
Outside the menu, present in a large bowl.
In the true Panton style, it is enhanced with a grille of smoked bacon, foie gras and aged cheddar cheese.
Great. I asked for a second bowl-
Extra foie gras.
There is so much food, which is not the smartest choice, but I like it very much.
Gnucchi with guinea hens and foie gras's La Chronique: the most luxurious dish of 2018.
The most luxurious dish of the year is undoubtedly the gnucchi of Chronique, which contains guinea hens, wild mushrooms, foie gras cubes and foie gras lotions.
In addition to the usual Italian avatar, I always like gnocchi, and the mix of textures makes this dish sing.
I 'd be happy to lick the plate clean.
Quail from Helicoptere: knocked down leeks and harissa.
John Mahoney/quail of leeks, onions and Halisa in the Montreal Gazette is a knockout.
Imagine the juicy quail meat served with boiled leeks, smeared with velvety hummus wrapped around harissa and we picked it up with a strong pain of homemadeYes!
Chicken Dumplings: velvet sauce, tender meat.
Pierre obindau/Montréal Gazette document records podi Piu schken gnoch as a dish you just want to jump in and roll in.
With velvet chicken sauce, chicken strips, oven-
Grilled tomatoes and crispy chicken skin, the soup is a victory.
There are a lot of beef dishes on site and my favorite is roast beef from Dennis cafe.
The table was cleaned up with two sauces, one thick peanut butter and the other garlic flavored sauce.
Next is a platter with betel nut leaves of mint, coriander, cucumber, lettuce and pepper, along with vermicelli, peanuts and six spicy beef sausages.
Finally, fill the water container with six spring roll wrapping paper for you to soak, fill and roll.
I always like a hand.
In the restaurant we happily assembled the fat roll and tasted the mix of texture and spring --
Every bite tastes good. Superb.
Roast beef from Dennis, an Internet cafeit-
I am happy.
Dave Sidaway/Montreal Gazette document Petit Mousso has a nice "beef/Green/Ranch"
Short rib with marble pattern with Bleu d' Lizhen cheese and smooth ranch sauce and misuna leaves and flowers.
The marinated beef is ideal, the texture is meltedin-the-
Mouth watering, the shell is completely caramel.
The blue cheese and ranch provide a delicious flavor, and the green vegetables provide a bitter foil that contrasts with the beef richness.
This part is small so I ate a little for $28.
But due to the strong taste, the size is just right.
Very proficient.
Tenderloin of sika deer in series: fully cooked.
John Mahoney/Montréal Gazette mixes venison with black garlic butter and violin heads, asparagus spears, cherries, and green beans and homemade potato chips are a climax in a very rich meal.
What impressed me most was the taste of meat and medium cooking.
Little but not dry or tough at all
Such a challenge of excellence.
Lawrence's raspberry dessert: one of the two ideal endings in the restaurant.
Alan mackinnes/Montreal Gazette document two of Lawrence's winners: first, a pistachio and parsley cake with lemon curd, raspberry and bitter AMA
Blanca, the scent of raspberry sorbet;
Second, strawberry jelly with cream ice cream.
The jelly has a strong taste of height-of-
Season berries and ice cream send me to Kate and Megan in the Royal Box at Wimbledon.
Le Petit Mousso white chocolate and rhubarb dessert: very delicate.
Alan mackinnes/Montréal Gazette document, I will never forget the look, taste and texture of little Musso white chocolate mousse.
It is decorated with caramel white chocolate pieces, with rhubarb granite on it, and pink little autumn Crabapple on it. this is probably the most exquisite dessert I have ever eaten. Simply amazing.
Food of the year: two courses of pastel
It's great to have sushi and lobster rolls.
Three sets of inPastel filesDish by Allen McInnis/Montreal
There is a square baked sushi meal on the tasting menu with lobster on it, leeks lotion on it, and a ribbon of rhubarb jelly and kombu on it.
I ate two, intoxicated in this partsushi, part-lobster-
While appreciating the way chef Jason Morris creates a new winning combination on classic music.
This dish focuses on the taste, as well as the traditional, craft and fresh taste.
The delicacy of Japan is mixed with the charm of peekside lobster cottage, just two!
La Cabane 'a c Petit é: 3595 Monteiro Bilad, St-
Mirabel Museum;
Book @ cabanedacote. ca; aupieddecochon.
Kakafei Dennis: 386 Beaumont Avenue. ; 514-664-4637; cafedenise.
Karra Chronicle: 104 Laurier Avenue. W. ; 514-271-3095; lachronique. qc.
Carl picchreyer: 2270 St. de griser Street. , Val-David; 819-320-0080;
Comhélicopè re: 4255 St. OntarioE. ; 514-543-4255; helicopteremtl.
Comib é ricos: 4475 St-Denis St. ; 514-845-4475; ibericos.
Isle of flotante: 176 StViateur St. W. ; 514-278-6854;
But 48 Ding Street. ; 514-508-6508; impastomtl.
CaLawrence: 5201 St-Laurent Blvd. ; 514-503-1070;
Communication: 719 William Street; 514-379-3794;
ComMonarque: 406 StJacques St. ; 514-875-3896;
CaPastel: 124 McGill Street; 514-395-9015; restopastel.
Murso Jr. : 1023 Ontario StreetE. ; 438-385-7410; lemousso.
Kangbiger: 3780 Wellington Street; 514-907-0816;
Restaurant owner.
ComUn po'di Piu: 3 St la communeE. ; 514-861-8686; caffeunpodipiu.
ComTandem: 586 villaray Street. ; 514-277-3339;
ComTangia: Drummond Street, 2072. ; 514-282-9790; tangia.
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