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Learning Chinese food culture - new york times chinese restaurant review hot dish

by:Two Eight     2019-08-29
Learning Chinese food culture  -  new york times chinese restaurant review hot dish
Learning Chinese should be based on the following
Learn more about Chinese culture.
With a history of 5,000 years, China has formed an extremely rich and profound cultural tradition.
Learning Chinese culture is a very effective way to learn Chinese.
Food culture plays an important role in Chinese traditional culture.
Today I will tell you a very popular Chinese dish: "Sweet and Sour Pork ".
"Sweet and Sour Pork" is a popular Chinese food in Western countries.
Zhejiang cuisine is one of the eight major Chinese cuisines.
An old saying describes Zhejiang province as "going to heaven and going to heaven", just like heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on the Earth (note: Hangzhou is the provincial capital of Zhejiang province, so Zhejiang food is also very popular.
After eating sweet and sour pork, people will be impressed with its features --
Bright red, sweet and sour, and tender inside the crisp.
These are also the features of Zhejiang cuisine.
When cooking, the process of "ch TiVo" is stirred
"Fried" and "fried" are very important because they are two important steps in Zhejiang cuisine.
In other words, mastering these two skills is essential for making authentic and delicious sweet and sour pork.
People who like "sweet and sour pork" should also try "West Lake Vinegar Fish" and "West Lake Vinegar Fish" and "crystal sugar soup steamed Turtle" is a famous dish in Zhejiang province, which is sweet and sour.
Through the above description, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of "sweet and sour pork.
You must try this dish when you come to China.
You will like it.
There are more Chinese food. welcome to taste it!
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