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Launch week kicks off for Henry's bar and restaurant - old fashioned restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-22
Launch week kicks off for Henry\'s bar and restaurant  -  old fashioned restaurant dishes
Grand opening of new clothes-
Henry's bars and restaurants opened with great fanfare, and Peter gutwen, the Treasurer, cut a ribbon.
Nick Darkin, director of the Tamar Valley hotel group, said he wasxa0The development of the bar.
"The Whiskey Lounge at the back looks great and the signs are on," said Mr Daking . ".
"We have received some good feedback.
He said the new bar is fashionable. xa0Quotationxa0Good Old Fashioned service, opportunity to talk to friends about food, greatxa0Tasman Winexa0Beer and spirits.
"Without TV, there would be no dj, there would be no live music.
"There will be lovely background music," he said . ".
Henry will be officially open to the public on Saturday, May 28.
Financial director Peter Gutwein said recentlyxa0The number of tourists will increasexa0There is no doubt that the number of customers in the bar has increased.
"It's a great development for Launceston, and it's built on the confidence we see in the Tasman economy.
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