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Launceston’s Stillwater wins hat in prestigious Good Food Guide - most expensive restaurant dishes in the world

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
Launceston’s Stillwater wins hat in prestigious Good Food Guide  -  most expensive restaurant dishes in the world
The Stillwater restaurant got one of the 7 hats on a famous tour guide.
The guide consists of independent anonymous comments written by a group of restaurant critics, and recognizes the best Australian restaurants with "hats", a symbol of the chef's hat.
To get a place in the guide, restaurants must score at least 15 out of 20 or 14 in New South Wales and Victoria.
More than 500 restaurants across the country have been reviewed, of which 264 have gained hat status.
Still water Catering Co. , Ltd --
The owners of Bianca Wales and Kim Schland are excited to admit.
"It was a fantastic win for Stillwater, and in fact, for any restaurant that has entered 19 years of operation, it speaks volumes about the focus on local quality produce and wine, and a talent who has stood the test of time in the local area.
"This victory, like any other, gave the Stillwater team a welcome opportunity to thank them for their hard work.
"It also strengthens us to push the business in the right direction, but more importantly, our customers tell us directly that they really like the stagnant water experience and book in advance through many review sites
Welsh MS said she was very proud of the team's work.
"Not just one person, the whole team is trying to keep the restaurant level," she said . ".
"We are really excited.
Myffy Rigby, editor of the tour guide, said that the tour guide is still the bible of the Australian restaurant.
This reflects thousands of voices that make Australia one of the most diverse and delicious places in the world, "she said.
"The guide is a celebration of the whole industry.
Each specialty restaurant is the sum of all the activities.
"We recognize the hard work of all these Australian restaurants and everything they do to enrich the scene.
Six others. xa0Tasman restaurant has gained "hat status ".
In the south of the state, Franklin and the agricultural Kitchen restaurant received two hats, one from Dier Makr, Templo, Fico.
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