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lamb dishes restaurant what type of meats go with eggplant? | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-02

And the Middle East, North Africa and southern Europe.They have many shapes, sizes and colors-The shapes they are most familiar with are large, rectangular and purple, but you will find slim snakes --Like eggplant in purple and greenThe shape of the eggplant has stripes, even pure white skin, which reminds us of how they were originally named.The eggplant works well with all kinds of meat, perhaps because of its mild taste.
Eggplant with lamb is delicious.Especially around the Middle East, you will find this mix, Lamb is a popular meat.

Stew with eggplant, lamb and tomatoes.
Any eggplant made of lamb can also be made of beef, as both are red meat of similar texture, although the mutton tastes stronger.Try it in Thai-
With fish sauce, lime juice and mint.
Chicken and eggplant can be put in coconut-milk-
.Or at the same time as roast chicken or roast chicken, accompanied by the famous Provence vegetable dish ratatouille, eggplant is an important part of it.
Many Asian dishes are well served with pork and eggplant.
Combine pork, chili, green beans or long beans with some other vegetables as a hot main course.
With garlic sauce.
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