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Know About Different Species of Brackish Aquarium Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Know About Different Species of Brackish Aquarium Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Have you ever considered combining salted fish with your fish? family?
The micro-salted fish are relatively a neglected group for the aquarium, but they include some of the most unusual and interesting fish.
PetPonder will take you to experience different types of fish in the slightly salty aquarium.
Choose your fish carefully!
The aquarium should be as large as possible, as micro-salted fish need more space than freshwater fish.
Salted fish are easy to feed, easy to adapt to changes and water conditions.
Water is the result of the encounter between salt water and fresh water.
The term "salty" is an adjective describing "salty" or "salty" but not salt-free water.
Its salinity is between fresh water and sea water.
The salinity level of the world's seawater is between 32-
35 pieces per thousand pieces.
Therefore, the salinity of the slightly salty water should be lower than this range.
Inland freshwater streams and places where springs meet ocean I can be seen everywhere. e. estuaries.
The pH value of water should be 7. 5-9. 5.
Fish Shapes living in salty water have become a unique group and have adapted to the chemical properties of water for many years.
Mangroves are also places where salty water is formed, so fish can also be found there.
There are many options for raising fish in a slightly salty aquarium, especially at very low salinity levels.
Let's take a look at the list of salted fish you can consider as family members. 6. 8-7. 25. 5-27. 8 °C (78-
Because of the colorful fins and scales, it is also called a million fish or rainbow fish.
The size of the boar is 1. 5-3.
5 cm long, female is 3-6 cm long.
They can survive at a salinity level of up to 150% of normal seawater.
They work best for 10-
20 gallon tank7-7. 24-27 °C (75-
The sailfin mollies is small,
Fish of the size that lives in salty, fresh and coastal waters.
Men reach 4-
Length 5 inch, female, 5-6 inches.
They can endure salt water up to 87 ppt.
It can also breed in slightly salty water with a salinity of 25 ppt.
The ideal tank should include a male and a female as men tend to attack each other. A 45-
Sailfin mollies is recommended for gallon cans. 7. 5-22-26 °C (72-
These fish grow best in salty water.
The bigger the tank, the better because these balloons like to swim!
It takes about 15 gallons of water for a porpoise, and an extra 10 gallons of water for each additional porpoise.
Make sure there is no ammonia in the tank and the nitrate content should be less than 20 ppm.
These fish are the best if you are looking for colorful, funny and compact fish. 7-8. 25-30°C (77-
Mud skip fish need at least 15 gallons of bitter water.
Make sure the tank has the high humidity necessary to survive and build an aquarium high enough so it doesn't stick to the glass to climb out. They are semi-
Be aggressive and spend a lot of time outside.
They live for a living. 6. 5-7. 23-30°C (73-
Also known as Reedfish or sna fish, these medium
The size of the fish has many shapes and sizes.
They grew to 15 inch.
Flat head, slender body.
The color and shape of the body make it a snakelike. 6. 5-7. These semi-
Aggressive fish, also known as Dinosaur eel or dragon fish, need up to 90 gallons of water up to 14 inch in length.
They are nocturnal species with poor eyesight, which is why hunting by smell.
If its swim bladder stays moist, it can survive in the water for a while.
It's best not to put your bichir with any other fish less than 3 inch. 7. 2-8.
Africa's Moony is home to mangrove forests and estuary.
They are 8 inch high and require at least 75 gallons of water and two gallons of water. feet deep tank.
Smaller ones can be kept in fresh water, and salinity increases when they grow. 7-25-30 °C (77-
These fish, also known as ribbon archers, have unique abilities that can spit water into insects on the water with some amazing accuracy.
They need at least 55 gallons of water to survive, and it is also recommended to have a tall canyon to prevent them from jumping out of the water.
The average length of Archer fish is about 12 inch. 7. 5-8. 20-27. 8° C (68-
The green scat is a large, attractive fish covered in bronze. silver spots.
They usually grow to 15 inch and have a good appetite.
They are curious, independent, extroverted fish.
They need at least 55 gallons of water to live.
These are some salted fish that you can put in the aquarium.
After building and familiarizing yourself with your aquariums of slightly salty water, you can't help but fall in love with these colorful, wonderful little creatures that will entertain you and brighten your day!
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