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Kitchen First Aid: How to Treat Minor Cooking Injuries with Food - most common restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-25
Kitchen First Aid: How to Treat Minor Cooking Injuries with Food  -  most common restaurant dishes
There are always minor accidents in the kitchen, whether you cut your fingers while cutting onions, scorched your hands in the oil fire, or burned your mouth because you were eager to taste --
Test your killer pasta sauce.
While the past ibuprofen, bandages, and new body elements can well protect most minor injuries, there are other options (a)
It won't fall into your cake batter. b)
Pollute the taste of meat cakes with petroleum by-products, or (c)
Contains strange chemicals that you may not want to get close to the food. Lemon Juice (Seriously)
Great food for you-
Related injuries are honorary badges in hardcore cooking types, but it's not fun to deal with them when they recover.
Scratches, scratches and small wounds appear when you slide with a knife or when you rub the surface of the box with your fingertips to grind the gr machine, which is not life --
Threats, but these little troubles will jump and divert your attention when you need them most.
A midwife advised me to use lemon juice at the scratch, especially when I complainedand-
The bandage Road made my wound a little damp and did not heal very well.
She suggested that lemon juice be used to solve all the problems, from nipple scratches caused by breastfeeding to knife wounds.
I just cut half a lemon and either stick the injured fingertips there or squeeze the juice on the open wound.
I leave it on as long as I can bear it (
About ten seconds)
Then rinse it off.
Lemon juice has many advantages.
As a weak organic acid, it has both slight anti-corrosion and astringency.
The former can prevent wound infection, and the latter can help stop bleeding.
After all, it can help you disinfect the cutting plate from the bacteria that remain in a variety of foods (including raw meat), so it can certainly help clean up any microorganisms on your skin.
Because it is an acid, it promotes cell turnover, which means that your skin is healing faster and the scar is minimal.
The initial burn is worth it.
Actually, I also use lemon juice on my raw nails and Paper Cuts --
This is the fastest way I have found to speed up my recovery.
Honey can soothe wounds, TooHoney is a near
Magical material
Not only will it not deteriorate, but it has the properties of antibacterial and anti-corrosion, which makes it the main subject of scientific research on how to help wound healing.
It has been used for centuries to treat acne, dry lips and skin diseases for a reason.
This is also a boon for chefs, as most kitchens have a can of handy things.
If you are injured on your own, you need to quickly repair a slight wound or burn and apply some honey to the wound.
It's safe for you and your food.
Cayenne pepper is a treatment that individuals have not yet tried to stop small wounds from bleeding, but many swear by the merits of cayenne pepper.
The herbalist recommends pouring the powder directly on small wounds and bruises to disinfect the wounds and stop bleeding. (
Warning: Obviously, it's burning like hell. )
As a preservative and folk medicine, it has a long and rich history.
Chili alkali is one of the components that can be heated in the feast, which can play a role of vascular contraction when used externally, which means that it will encourage vascular closure, thus reducing blood loss.
However, the last time I went to have the cayenne pepper was just because I was worried about the scar.
The dirty city swindler marveled at the merits of the cayenne pepper in order to heal the wound, and posted photos to prove that the fiery stuff helped him heal the wound within 48 hours.
In addition, Jerem of herbal Learning used these things when he almost cut off his thumb.
However, the wound treated with cayenne pepper is likely to leave a large scar later.
You took a bite of food but didn't take it until the temperature dropped.
Now you have that original, tender feeling on the top of your tongue and mouth.
What can you do to appease it?
The most obvious solution is ice, which the dentist recommends.
So sucking a block of ice or ice brings some immediate relief to the area.
Personally, I choose to drink something full.
Fat milk, buttermilk, ice cream or butter, a trick that my Mexican neighbors taught me when I was a child (
It also applies-
You will see spicy food soon).
Fat coverage of lactic acid in Burns and dairy products will help to speed up the process of cell turnover and healing.
Another good advice from the dentist is to squeeze the vitamin E capsule in the burn area to encourage healing and leave the injured area alone so it can heal.
This means not to poke, poke or eat crunchy, highly textured food that will cut your mouth open.
If the choice of vitamin E is a little too greasy for your stomach, can I suggest you take a teaspoon of honey and have it cover the burn area before swallowing?
Too spicy?
Here's how to fix it. A bite of very delicious food will make you feel burned, most likely due to the chili base --
With volatile essential oils from spicy spices such as chili or clove.
An old civil remedy
In this case, fat dairy is your friend again.
As Mythbusters explains, the dairy contains the protein butterpin, which binds to the chili oil and takes it away from your heat
Perception of skin receptors (
Also known as VR1 receptor).
Alas, any water
Juice, beer, or water itself does little to put out the fire.
They may actually add to this hot feeling. Very high-
Prove that alcohol can dissolve capaiscin, but you have to drink a lot in order for it to work, which may or may not be desirable.
Yumi's guide also sets out the benefits of eating or drinking something as acidic as ketchup (
Will also dissolve chili alkali)
Or a bite of peanut butter (
Oil will also dilute the effect of hot oil).
Other treatments include eating a teaspoon of honey or sugar, or starch-containing carbohydrates such as tortillas and bread.
It is believed that the sugar has a chemical reaction with chili alkali and neutralizes the feeling of burning.
Some even swear on chocolate because it mixes fat and sugar and is the ultimate solution to bite too spicy.
Treating minor skin burns with lavender essential oil is the most common injury I have in my kitchen, mainly because after years of cooking I tend to think that I am not affected by heat, finally grab the pots and spoons before they cool down.
These skin patches can really hurt, but luckily there are some good natural therapies that can help your skin heal quickly.
Some will automatically grab a block of ice or burn under cold water, which is recommended by most first aid courses.
While this is good for some immediate relief, I found that lavender essential oil is what really stops the pain and helps the skin heal.
The two drops applied immediately after my Burn had an analgesic effect, and I usually noticed that the burn began to heal within 36 to 48 hours, especially if I remember to re-apply on a regular basis.
It's not surprising because lavender is known for its anti-corrosion, antibacterial and skin
Treatment attributes.
A warning: most essential oils are distilled from plants, herbs and spices and should always be diluted in carrier oils like jojojoba (
It's actually a wax ester, but it's essentially an oil).
While some sources of natural therapy and aromatherapy say you can use lavender essential oil or not dilute it, others say it can make the skin sensitive.
In addition, the quality of lavender essential oil is really good, very expensive and a bit far away.
I say dilute to about 10% concentration in good carrier oil and keep it handy in the kitchen.
Warning: lavender oil is strong, so wear gloves if you post-treat food after applying food, otherwise you end up with lavenderEntree with fragrance
Other good remedies: aloe, raw potatoes and tin foilif if you have aloe plants near when you burn yourself, cut a leaf and apply the juice to the burn.
Studies have shown that its effectiveness is treated first
It has a long and noble history in folk medicine.
It is used to treat some skin diseases and even constipation.
While I prefer something from this plant, the bottled Aloe Vera works well.
Just make sure you read the label to make sure you get a high concentration of gel from the plant itself, not a bunch of fillers.
Raw potatoes are also a classic treatment for mild burns.
However, you can't just take a raw potato at the burn.
You need to get a very fresh, juicy raw potato, cut a small piece into a paste and apply the paste to the burn. This is a time-
Remedial measures to relieve burns.
A 2006 study suggests that potatoes may have some antibacterial effects, while another study suggests that boiled potato skins used as dressings are as effective as gauze bandages in accelerating healing.
If your skin is covered with a large part of the burn, pain can only be relieved with ibuprofen or aspirin.
It turns out that wrapping a burn with tin paper or plastic wrap helps relieve heatstroke in the skin.
Reviewers at the Earth clinic gave a thumbs up to the tinfoil solution.
Reddit users speculate that both substances can be used as radiators (i. e.
, Eliminate equipment that does not want or excess heat)
Help relieve the pain caused by burns.
What is your favorite home treatment for minor injuries?
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