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Key ingredients: Mexican - most popular mexican restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-19
Key ingredients: Mexican  -  most popular mexican restaurant dishes
AnnattoAnnatto (rouge) is a red seed with a mild earthy flavor.
It is used for both cooking and color and taste, as well as dyeing fabric.
It is sold as a Press block.
Avocado avocado is a popular Mexican ingredient that can be used both for salads and for making avocado.
BeansBeans is also known as participating.
There are mainly two kinds of Pinto and turtle beans.
Black turtle beans are used to make refrigerated beans.
Peppers are the main flavor ingredients in Mexican food, whether smoked, dried, fresh or picked.
Some of the most popular types include ancho chillies (known as poblano when fresh );
Guajillo (long soaking is required );
Habanello (super hot variety );
Jalepeno (the most common-called chipotle when smoked and dried );
And pasella (mild to moderate heat ).
Chocolate Mexican chocolate is dark bitter chocolate flavored with cinnamon, almonds and cloves.
It is used for hot chocolate drinks.
Coriander is the most commonly used fresh herb in Mexican cuisine.
A fungus (almost like truffles) that grows on corn ).
It tastes unique and is used for making sauces and salads.
Jamaica is a Wild Rose used to make tea.
Liangshan bean is a crispy root dish.
You can eat raw or cook.
LimeLime is widely used in salsas, pickled, Margaret.
NopalesA, a cactus sold in a jar, is an essential ingredient in Mexcian cooking.
It is called Nopalitos when cut into strips.
Hominyom is a dry white corn used to make a popular dish called Pozole.
Some small Mexican restaurants offer this dish only.
Tomatilloatillos is sold as a canned product.
They look like a little green tomato, but they are actually part of the currant family.
Their taste is very tart and is used in many dishes, including salads and stews.
TortillasTortillas is soft, pancakes are like flat bread, made of corn or wheat, and most of the food is eaten.
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