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Jo Palmer | Homes fills the heart - dirty restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-25
Jo Palmer | Homes fills the heart  -  dirty restaurant dishes
For some parents, working from home is something that happens every day.
This is exactly what work needs.
But for me, working outside for a week always makes me feel mixed.
First of all, as a control freak, it's hard to give power to my husband, despite the fact that he never lost or hurt any of our children, and didn't burn the house or blow up the washing machine while on duty.
In fact, he was impressed when he needed it.
But leaving my family always feels like part of me is gone.
However, you can't live "half full.
Therefore, it is time to attend a meeting at the other end of Australia to focus on the positive factors.
The first positive is at 7.
On the first night I left
There was a faucet on the door of my hotel room a beautiful lady holding a tray and I had a delicious hot meal that was not cooked.
Not only did I not cook it, I did not have the skills to cook it even if I wanted.
Take it directly from the room service menu.
A better positive came up 15 minutes later when I simply put the dirty plates back on the tray and put them outside the hotel door.
No cooking, no toiletries and food.
The mother is in heaven.
The second huge bonus comes in the morning while standing in the shower. I am alone.
No one was sitting in the toilet in front of me.
No one quarreled over who put the black drink bottle in the bag.
No one asked me any questions.
Even better, no one brushes their teeth so the shower gets cold.
I had a full 10 minutes of time alone and there was nothing annoying to surprise.
Five years later, howeverxa0God, I'm ready to go home despite these luxurious moments.
My first meal at home was meat and four kinds of vegetables.
We started eating and then I realized I forgot the kettle.
When I jumped up and filled it up, the green on my plate was cold.
After that, the boys took the plates to the kitchen, where they were all stacked on a pile of strategically flawed sinks.
I started cleaning when they set out to play.
But to be honest, I have no other way.
There may not be any food in our house, the shower always turns hot and cold, but there is no doubt that when I go home-my cup is full.
The mother returned to heaven.
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